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Whew!  Feeling better today, even though I haven’t slept much in the last few days; it’s so darn hot here.  Fantastic thing that we don’t have too many days like this in Maine! (Although you think I’d be used to it, living the majority of my life in the Southwest…)

Yesterday we installed our window unit which made a considerable difference in the cranky factor around here.  I also went to get the boys hair trimmed and ended up cutting off quite a few inches of my own.  Much better!

As for last weekend, I wanted to share a few details, so I can one day look back and remember.  Thank you for indulging me; this blog is my only journal.  I’m so grateful for it!

Friday, a dear friend of ours (Ms. Ashley, whom I’d like to kidnap and make live in our guest room)  joined the boys and I at St. George Lake right down the road.  We had it to ourselves.  Ahhh.  The boys dug in the sand and swam in the water and convinced me that I am going to have to buy a swimsuit already.  I haven’t purchased a swimsuit in…in…I have no clue.  I usually prefer to sit on the sand (and take pictures) but these dog days of summer make me want to throw caution to the wind and hop in myself!

Do you love the vintage towels?  While Erick would rather have New Thick and Thirsty ones, Ms. Marietta has a stash of the most wonderful retro floral and striped towels.  They are some of my favorite things (and dry quickly in this humidity, unlike the New Thick ones would!) 🙂

Speaking of vintage, I snagged this tablecloth at the Montsweag Flea Market on Saturday.

It was less than half the going cost online or in stores, and then the seller knocked it down further when she saw how much I loved it.  She had the most spectacular little shop and was sooo nice…hey!  I have her card; here is her site!  She had one of the permanent buildings on the grounds, and inside was like walking into the most wonderful, colorful, 40s-50s kitchen.  I could go every day; seriously.  Just to get my happy fix.  I will most certainly be a repeat customer.

After that, we visited the lovely Five Islands area.   This first little house has been in magazines; it’s so adorable.  If I am not mistaken it was featured in Cottage Living (*rip*).

This house was in Day's Ferry; it makes me want to cover my house in climbing roses!

On that note, does anyone have a rose garden?  What do you think?  Time consuming?  Hard?  I love the idea, but I’m not such a gardener.  Although I could learn!  Once the inside of my house is in respectable condition, I think I’ll turn some of my attentions to the outside.  I’m sure passers-by would appreciate it.

After Five Islands, we wandered into Bath, which coincidentally was in the middle of fairs/carnivals/art shows/parades, etc etc.  It was very festive.  We stuffed ourselves at Beales, a favorite of ours.  Sweet Jalapeno Cornbread smothered in BBQ?  Yes, please.  If you ever go, take the cornbread over the bun.  You won’t regret it.

Sunday after church, we had a great cookout with friends, and I have to admit I was sooooo tired afterwards that I tried to convince the boys that a night at home with a firepit and sparklers would be just as lovely as fireworks.  They wouldn’t go for it.  So we stopped at the grocery on the way out and bought one of those 5 Hour Energy things; I have to say I was impressed!  It immediately gave me a boost, and I felt like a different person the remainder of the  evening.  And a long evening it was!

Also, in case you are local, we fell in love with fireworks in Freeport.  We arrived around 6:30, and not only was there ample parking, but ample shopping as well, of course!  The summer concert series was going on, so you could listen to free music.

The weather was gorgeous.  Around 7:30 we headed here to lay out our blanket, and there were 3 great playgrounds for the kids to entertain themselves with.

The boys would ask every 30 seconds “how many minutes left??”  We munched on freshly made kettle corn, and bought them those glow stick things; they were so fascinated.  Love the simple things in life.

The fireworks began around 9:15, and I do believe there were 5 or so finales; it was lovely.  Ry and Jack commentated the entire show. “That was a BIG one!  Blue!  Red!  Kaboom!”  Every so often Ryan would burst into hilarious, uncontrolled laughter, for the sheer joy of it.  If only we all kept that childhood wonder!

The other wonderful thing about fireworks in Freeport; you don’t have to sit in your car and wait in long lines after it is over; you can go shopping instead.  (LL Bean is open 24 hours).  Although we didn’t partake, Ben and Jerry’s stayed open as well.  The weather was that perfect touch of humidity, so we strolled the streets downtown until the traffic was gone.

It did put us home at midnight.  But the 5 Hour Energy was still in our systems, and we topped it off with an iced coffee.  We were  feeling good. 🙂

Oh, can’t forget the video.  As in most cases, I didn’t get the best of the groovin’, but here is a bit.  Jack likes to play it cool; he loves to entertain, but when he is done, he acts as though it was no big deal.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!