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Would you like to know what Clovis makes me feel like?

Like I’m trapped in a cage going stir-crazy.

So I would therefore like to invite all of my Clovis friends and family to move to Maine; we’ll buy us a big ol’ ramblin’ Captain’s house on the coast somewhere, living the rest of our days by the sea….does that sound alright?  It’s an open invitation!

Praise God for the beautiful people here.  Or I’d be beyond nuts at this point.  Isn’t that funny?  That my hometown of 18 years, the one where I figured I’d raise a family and live in for the rest of my days makes me a little bit twitchy now?  I think it’s just that Maine captured me hook, line and sinker.  It’s the land I was always meant to live in and never knew it.

We have had a very relaxed time here; I was able to spend two days with my best girlfriend Joy and her family; we took the kids to the zoo (where I found my friend pictured above) and shopped antiques galore.  Ryan and Jack made a good buddy in her little Jackson and they had a high time together. We’ve had good times with family as well; I have a post dedicated to that particular subject in the next few days!

We also were able to visit with my precious Cindy and Sandy and Molly and Kevin and Travis and Layton and Landon, a family who would seriously make me reconsider moving back…no scratch that…I think I’ll just do my best to convince them to come along home with me.  I love y’all.  I love y’all to absolute pieces.  I should have had my camera snappin’ the whole time, but this is all I managed to get; the awesome uncle Travis playin’ with the boys; our daddy is in there too.  Due to the “good” peer pressure, Ryan summoned up some bravery and started jumping in from the ladder.  Yay, Ry!

Anyway, back to feelin’ like I’m in a cage.  Have you ever flown over New Mexico?  It’s like flyin right into some alien land.  It’s so weird.  Dry out the wazoo, dotted with scrub brush here and there.  However, I have to cry uncle, I have to concede…NM does have it’s own particular beauty.  When we were in Taos, I made the hungry tired cranky boys pull over so I could snap some pictures of this absolutely beautiful scene; the sun was streaming through the clouds in a rather spectacular way.  The photos don’t really capture it well but it was a better “welcome to NM” than the violent start was. 🙂

So yes, ok, it’s kind of pretty here.  🙂 I’ll share some pictures that my parents took on their fantastic day with Geraint; they had a wonderful time and came away with some  spectacular shots.  I’ll save them for my next post.

Alrighty, time to tuck in; full steam ahead, starting with Daylight Donuts in the morning!  Can’t beat that!