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Look familiar?  Map Reading, Dirty Car, Stuffed Vehicle, Crazy kids who like to pinch each other for fun?

Even though we flew to New Mexico, we still had quite a bit of driving to do; between NM and CO I counted and we logged around 32 hours in the car, just driving to our destinations; that doesn’t include time spent in the car while we were *at* our destinations.  But it really was wonderful; the boys did shockingly well in the car and in the plane, with only a few “are we there yets?” thrown around.

We had a lovely trip.  Truly lovely.  Clovis was great; relaxed and spent with family.  Colorado was so much more than we expected; we were practically pampered by my aunt and uncle; put up in a grand hotel and enjoying, immensely, my cousin’s beautiful wedding.  Between the three cameras, we have well over 1000 pictures; most of which are not on my computer, so I won’t bore you with them today!  Oh, and after the first day and a half which went hilariously awry, the rest of the trip was relatively smooth.  Erick did forget to pack his socks and underthings, which was remedied quite easily.  After Ryan jumped in the pool without his floatie properly attached, Daddy came to the rescue by jumping in after him, clothes, hat, shoes, the whole wardrobe still attached to his body.  And the E & R DID get stuck in a hotel elevator for about 10 minutes; even though it would move between floors, it would not open it’s doors!  Other than that, we were home-free.

We arrived back home one week ago, and I’ve been trying to reacclimate myself to the eastern time zone; for some reason it’s really thrown me for a loop this trip.  After a few days of slothfulness, we started in on the One Big Project that we must finish before Erick heads back to school at the end of the month; the bathroom renovation.  It truly is a “must”, not a “want”.  And so for the next few days I shall be involved in demolition and restoration.  I will, however, try to resume a regular posting schedule; too many memories I need to record!