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Is it possible to take too many beach pictures?  Yes.  Probably.  I took so many , oh I took so many. Last Sunday we played hooky from church, for a very valid reason; we were all insanely congested by crazy allergies and didn’t figure the congregants would appreciate being sneezed on by the Murray family, so we decided that Vitamin D and Salt Air were both in order. (Always wonderful medicine!) For locals, who might (or might not know), Ocean Park is a great place to go; half a mile from Old Orchard without the Old Orchardness.  And free parking!  It’s quaint and wonderful and you can play shuffleboard for a dollar.  🙂

While Ryan really took to swimming in pools this summer, Jack wasn’t such a fan.  Seeing as though we hadn’t been to a sand beach yet this summer (for the purpose of just kicking back, relaxing, and swimming) I wasn’t sure how he’d take to the ocean, but both boys were beyond delighted.  Attacking the waves, getting braver and going deeper.  This born and raised, flat-lander momma is raising water babies.  I love it!

playing with his shadow 🙂

Yesterday, Erick took the boys up North to see Grammie, and I hit up Route One with mom and dad.  I took a few different pictures of Camden Harbor; we found Bay Road, which was new to us, so I snapped some pictures from a different viewpoint.  Pretty any way you look at it!  We were there when the boats had been tucked in for the evening.

We plan on taking 2 or 3 more ocean trips before Erick heads back to school; luckily I’m homeschooling the boys, so I think a few beachcombing field trips will be in order after that. 🙂  Ah!  Life in Maine!