It’s been awhile, yes?

I have a backlog of posts lined up, but I have been absent for 2 reasons; intense allergies that exhausted me, which started to clear up…then what should have been a trip to the doctor, but wasn’t (which ended up fine).

Monday morning I awoke with a significant stomachache and lower right hand abdominal pain.  I immediately did a mini mental freak out because my dad, when he was near my age, had to have his appendix removed, so my entire life I’ve been a bit weary of abdominal pain (is it the right or the left?  the left!  whew!)  Anyway, therein lies the do what I say part of this post (always go to the doctor when you feel something like that coming on!)  I don’t know why I didn’t; although admittedly our lack of insurance played a tiny part in my decision making (but I would NEVER risk my life because of money!)  However, the fact that I didn’t have nausea, fever, and could actually stand upright pretty well made me a bit hesitant about racking up big bills for nothing.  I spent most of the day on the couch on Monday, and mom and dad kept the boys that night just in case Erick and I had to make a mad dash to the ER.  I slept well, and Tuesday morning I woke up remarkably better, although not perfect, so I called my chiropractor and set up an appt. to see if he could give me some advice.  After some prodding he determined it probably was my appendix, but if I was gradually getting better, just to keep an eye on it, and to hightail it to my doc if it got worse.  It never got worse, but didn’t completely disappear, so I called my doc’s office but they were booked for the rest of the day.  I decided to go in as a walk-in at 8:00 Wednesday morning, and was positive that’s what I’d be doing.

Here’s the funny part.  Tuesday night I slept well again, and had this rather hilarious dream that I was listening to a Beth Moore motivational tape, but she had turned into one of those slap-ya-in-the-head-healin’ tv preachers, and was sayin’  “Your pain, your twinges and your cramps are GONE!  You are HEALED!  Get up and WALK!” and in my dream I’m laughing, but I get up  outta bed and walk and am pain free.  Right about that time, Jack wakes up and I snap out of the dream; I just know that the child has peed his bed and am loathe to get out, partially because I don’t want to deal with it and partially because I know it will be painful to get out of bed, but I do anyway because I *am* his mom, and I was able to hop right out of bed without an ache!  From that point on I have been good to go.  Wednesday evening I had a bit of a stomach ache, but it’s probably because I overate on taco & sopapilla night.  Today I’ve been perfect.

So, whew, scot free this time.  If it happens again, I won’t hesitate to go in and see what the deal is, insurance or no, but I am considering myself rather blessed right now.  My grandpa used to have appendix flare-ups from time to time, maybe that was it.

These pictures are of the boys when they spent the night with mom and dad.  🙂

They are so sweet when they are sleeping!

(will post again soon)