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Last Thursday, Mom, Dad and I went to a free event at Acadia, put on by the Canon folks.  We attended a 2 hour workshop on some of the technical aspects of picture taking, which I SORELY needed; I’m an all-automatic girl, but I was taught some fantastic basics on exposure, shutter speed, etc, that I had wanted to know for a long time (but am too lazy to learn by myself).  Mom and I took the beginner’s course (dad took the intermediate/advanced).  We hiked along Jordan Pond at the park; it was a FANTASTIC experience.  We were able to use Canon equipment; fancy schmancy expensive cameras which obviously gave us camera envy; dad used his camera but borrowed a lens.  I *do not* have my pictures yet; the following are shots from the top of Cadillac (which side note, I did not realize was the highest peak on the eastern seaboard!)  One of them is from my last post; in the evening, the sun was setting and gave the fog a magical pink hue; oh it was a stunning site to see.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from *one* of my favorite places; once I get access to my workshop photos, I’ll post a few of those as well!

mom and dad in their tilley hats!

sunset over Bar Harbor