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On the first day of school last week (in our district) we were here.  Dancing in the waves, flying kites, making pb&j’s, and building sandcastles.  It was delicious.  The boys, admittedly, were caught up in the advertising frenzy of back-to-school, so I’m trying to making this homeschooling thing as appealing as possible…therefore, field trip, day number one!

Mom and Dad came, dad with his trusty Canon, and snapped pictures for us.   Thank you Dad!

Monday was our first “official” day of school; Erick had to go back so we decided to start as well.  The boys are only 3 and 5, so I’m not going nuts; we are spending an hour in the morning listening to some Seeds, reading some books (right now they are on an outer space kick), and then watching online videos that have to do with the subject matter we read about.  Then they get to pick words that they would like to write so we can practice some spelling and penmanship.  Nothing too crazy.   I’ll change it up from week to week I’m sure, but so far, so good.

Ry has a cold right now but as soon as he’s up to running around I want to get some real start of school pictures taken!

In the meantime, Erick is wrapping up part of our bathroom remodel; he has done a spectacular job of tiling our tub area with subway tile…we are working on 4 weeks without a shower of our own though!  (thank you God for parents who are neighbors or we would be a stinky bunch!)  If we could afford to hire pros we would.  Man.  When you can’t dedicate all day everyday to a project, it takes 500 times longer than you estimate at the beginning.  I’ve started steaming wallpaper off our entryway and my plan is to have it painted within 2 weeks; we’ll see if that isn’t totally optimistic!

Alright, time to wrap up and get some kidlets to bed, then hopefully get back to more of a regular posting schedule.  How often have I said that over the years?  🙂