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Good Morning!

I’ve gotta give Earl some kudos; he blew puddles into our attic and knocked our power out a couple of times Friday night, but he ushered in some fantastic weather.  The cooler temps are totally worth a sopping mess upstairs and sweating it out in the dark a bit!  Goodbye 90 degree temps and crazy humidity!  Hello 70 degrees!  It’s definitely making life lovely lately, and on that note…

Sweet Heather has invited us to join in on letting you know how we make our lives a bit lovely every day.  And I’d like to share 2 of my very favorite, very simple things.

Sometimes I lie awake at night, a little bit giddy just thinking about that cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  And it’s always made better when it’s in one of my favorite mugs.  Isn’t that silly?  Coffee in a favorite mug, soup in a favorite bowl…it just tastes better.

Also, I’m an avid reader.  One of my very favorite authors is Jan Karon, and if I am ever the slightest bit stressed, or tired, or worried, I just crack open a book from the Mitford Series.  Any book, any chapter, any paragraph, and it’s like instant loveliness for my soul.  It’s so calming.  And charming.  And delightful.

What makes your life lovely?  Would you like some ideas?  Head over to Heather’s and find out!

Have a fantastic week!