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Yesterday, the boys and I headed up into the mountains instead of down to the coast for an excursion to Moxie Falls.  Erick and I had been 5 years ago and remembered it as a very easy hike; good enough for little legs to keep up!  I also put to the “test” what I learned during the Canon workshop, and shot totally in manual mode.  Yay!

And first thing, y’all, it was so funny.  Let me preface this by saying that Ryan constantly astonishes us with his grown-up conversational skills.  He uses BIG words and descriptions and has insights that are sometimes a little beyond me.  The other day after astounding Nonnie with an observation, she said “Ryan, you are so smart!”  And he replied “Yeah, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me”.   “Why’s that?” she asked.  So he went on to say that if any ol’ person that didn’t know who Ryan was saw him, they wouldn’t know he was smart by just looking at him.  They would have to get to know him first.  We think he is smart because we know him as a person.  True, but good insight for a 5 year old!

Anyway, when we parked at the beginning of the hike, we started the walk with a couple of lovely ladies who were on vacation.  Ryan struck up a conversation with them, telling them about the hike and what we would see at the final destination, then ended with “And last time he was here, Daddy PEED IN THE WOODS!!!”

Grown up conversation, no?  It was SO funny.  And I’m sure Erick appreciates the fact that I just spread this story to blog land!

The next two were shot in different shutter speeds, the first about 1/500 and the second about 1/30.  In those ranges, anyway.

I know that look; it's saying "will you PLEASE stop taking pictures of water and come help me with these rascals?" 🙂

Daddy’s turn with the camera!

I love my sweet Ry in this picture.

Jack is a momma’s boy, and from the day he was born, he’s curled himself into the fetal position and tried to bury himself in my belly.  He would crawl back in if he could; he still does it to this day!  Figure it won’t happen much longer, he’s getting so BIG!

We left for the falls close to 11:00 and were home a little after 4; it was a great getaway, and we were still able to get quite a bit done at the house.  Today is back to the grindstone for all of us, speaking of which, time to start schoolin’ my boys!

Have a great day!