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I’m a Happy Camper!  Let me tell you why…

This is our one, teeny tiny bathroom.  One. Bathroom.  Teeny.  Tiny.  Badly in need of a makeover; I can guarantee that it has looked like this for decades.   We’ve only been here a year, but I know Ms. Marietta, and one thing I know about her is that her style never changed.  From the moment she moved here in 1976, she decorated straight away and was satisfied; everything stayed the same.

We wanted to tackle the bathroom in it’s entirety this summer, but time and money, as always, stood in the way.  Although we aren’t totally DIY’er by choice (I truly believe that if you can afford it, leaving it to the pro’s, supporting their livelihood…is a must needed thing.  Helps others, helps the economy, helps your sanity, win win win!) However, my dearest Erick has learned to tackle many, many projects due to our lack of funds (thank you youtube tutorials!)

The most needed change to our bathroom was the tub surround.  The 1970’s wallboard was peeling, flaking and cracking, to the point that you had to catch the “wall” before it fell down the drain while you were showering.  It was awful.  Therefore, it was priority number one.

Here are our before pictures (the quality is iffy, but they are all I have), and I’ll follow up with the “so far” pictures.  To say I’m ecstatic is such an understatement.

I’ll spare you the “befores” of what was lurking behind that fancy blue shower curtain…ewww!

Ryan took this picture; it was the beginning of demolition!

And the after…so far!

I could just stay in that shower all the live long day!!

I have to tell you, because of Erick’s crazy schedule, I asked that if he would at least get the old wallboard down and the concrete board up, that I would take care of tiling.  Then my crazy bout of allergies struck…and stayed around for 3 solid weeks.  I was so exhausted, and so drippy, that I couldn’t of helped if my life depended on it.  But Erick did such a splendid job that I’m glad he was the one who took care of it!  My dad pitched in at the end of the tiling job, and helped Erick with some of the plumbing.  My “help” entailed putting a layer of sealer over the grout and then cleaning the dried sealer off the tile (dad and I split that job!)  And here’s a tip; instead of purchasing haze remover to get the gunk off your tile once all is said and done, put a little vinegar in water and keep some Bar Keeper’s Friend on hand.  That combination worked wonders!

We found a great deal on a set of oil rubbed bronze fixtures for around $70 (on sale from $140, Design House Brand) from Hancock’s down the street.  And y’all, I looked high and low, long and hard for a shower curtain rod that was the right color and shape; we needed a curved rod to fit the wonky shape of the walls (the window in the bathroom cuts right into the shower).  I could not find one to save my life that had the oil rubbed bronze color and had adjustable fittings on the end, as opposed to fixed.  I finally tracked one down for $150 somewhere on the web, but we couldn’t do that.  Then, wonder of wonders, we were at Homegoods in Portland one day, and picked up a silver adjustable rod for $15, which I spray painted with Rust-oleum’s ORB!  5 coats or so with a clear coat as a protector on top.  So far, so good.  And you can’t beat the price!  Speaking of price, everything combined…tile (Home Depot), backerboard, adhesives, grout, plumbing fixtures, rod, shower curtain (15 bucks at Walmart), have totaled around $350.  Not too shabby for such a dramatic change!

Anyway, that’s where it stands right now.  We are going to repurpose a bureau that we uncovered in the house to use as a sink base and purchase new flooring as well; I can see it all in my mind’s eye!  And to help us get to our goal, I had the greatest of surprises this morning.  A few months ago, I found Jean Nayar’s blog, The Happy Home Workshop and subscribed right away because I knew she would have helpful information on our home-fixin’ journey.  She emailed her subscribers Monday with a head’s up of a giveaway on Tuesday…and I won!  I never win ANYTHING in blogland, and this one was a doozy!  $100 gift certificate to Home Depot, AND some new primer from Kilz which is eco-friendly.  The gift certificate will purchase the flooring for our bathroom, and although I was going to use the primer on our walls in the kitchen I think I’ll split it between our bathroom, once the rest of the wallboard is down, and our entryway, which is now a work in progress.  Here is the before (so tiny, sorry about that), and after the wallpaper came down yesterday…

entryway from porch

I’m thinking of convincing Erick to let me leave it as-is…I love the raw plaster look! (In the right house, aka Italian villa).  But I have a feeling he’ll tell me to slap that primer on, post haste!  And now I CAN!  Thank You Kilz, and thank you Jean!

(I know you’ll enjoy Jean’s blog, but prepare to be blown away by her decorating and crafting talent!  That last link will hook you up to some extremely inspiring interiors.  Wow!)