Holy Cow.  My last post was on the 16th.  (Sorry Grandma!)

Y’all, breaking news!  I escaped my house today!  Hit I-95 and traveled to…Newport.  10 minutes away.  Visited Walmart and Hannaford, ate a pumpkin donut from DD.  It was fantastic, because for the last week I’ve been cooped up inside the house with my boys…one, the other, or both, sick.  It’s been a month.

They had their annual Daddy-goes-back-to-school colds the first week in September, but they were wrapped up within a week and we were home-free, or so I thought!  This week it snuck up on Ryan again, worse than before (his colds are wicked) and although I thought it would bypass Jack, it didn’t; his hit on Thursday.  So did mine.  Blahhhh.  No surprise, seeing as though I’ve had approximately 12 hours of sleep the last week; my kids get mad when they get sick, particularly at night when they can’t breathe, and they yell and scream at those blasted germs to go away…I only wish it would work!  So anyway, yeah, my seriously tired body just couldn’t keep ahead of the germs.  But it only lasted a couple of days, thank goodness, and I took advantage of Saturday to leave the boys to their daddy while I high tailed it to go get bread at the grocery store!

Little pleasures.

This week has, though, given me a longing to see the coast again; if I go too many days without a glimpse of the sea, I feel like my bones are just going to dry up and wither away.  The fall color is popping out all over as well; I’m in extreme need of a roadtrip, y’all.  I want to go see the water, see the color, look at fine art.  I’m on my dad’s computer right now and just dug up this picture; it sums up my perfect day!  Fave town, on the water, fave gallery, beautiful vines.  Nice…

I’m mourning the loss of summer, even though I am embracing the cooler temps and color, the hot cocoa and woodstove.  I feel a bit cheated because of sickness this year; the last 3 weeks of summer vacation my allergies were too intense to do much of anything, and then I ended up in the house during the last official, quite beautiful days of the season.  This girl loves her summer.  LOVES.  So while I’m fine with the start of fall, I’m determined to drown my family in Vitamin C, starting now and ending never.   You think that will keep the bugs away?  😉

I hope you all had a wonderful, cold-free end of the season, and are enjoying Fall!  Stay healthy!