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On this, a foggy, rainy morning…we heard a slight tap tap at our door and mom and dad said “Throw a coat on!  Come over!”

Remember this swing?  I’ve taken *many* of pictures of boys on it through the years…

It now looks like this.

The limb came down at some point last night…no one heard a thing!  The neighbors didn’t either…obviously with a limb the size of a tree, you would think it would make quite a bang…

It miraculously missed both houses; just took out 3 rungs of the neighbor’s fence.  Could have been much worse.

The crazy thing is, we’ve always just prayed that the ropes holding the swing to the tree would hold; that they wouldn’t fray and drop boys to the ground.  Looks like there were slightly larger things to be concerned about!  Praise God it didn’t happen while someone was swingin’!

Obviously this raises concerns about the health of the tallest tree in Pittsfield; it’s so large you can pick it out from I-95.  This baby is BIG.  Can you imagine what would be involved in takin’ this thing down?  Gracious!

Again, complete miracle that it came down the way it did.   Couldn’t of planned it better, really.  Thank you God. 🙂