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It’s done! (I think).   🙂

Here is the tiny before, and then what we have been living with for the last few months:

(In mid-wallpaper scrape I thought "have to get a picture!" but was too lazy to pick up the mess. 🙂

And the after(s).

Just realized that the red from our porch door is showing in the mirror; fantastic!  I wanted a pop of red in here…there it is!

I originally was going a completely different direction; this is a little more formal than I intended, but I like it regardless.  I had plans for artwork above the mirror, and plans for something below the sconces…but do you think it really needs anything else?  I don’t want it to feel to “cluttered”.

I haven’t tallied up the total yet; I’m going to do that right now…

  • Behr paint for the stripes; $25 after rebates (and I’m going to continue the colors into the living room; white for wainscotting and the cream above.  I have plenty of paint left, so it’s two birds with one stone!)  I used Decorator White, and had Martha Stewart’s Glass of Milk mixed as Behr paint so I would have the same sheen/consistency.
  • Martha Stewart Paint Samples for the bench/shoe collector.  🙂  Cornflower Blue for the base and Heavenly Blue for the top; $6.  I found the bench (I believe it is from an old bureau) in the attic and immediately fell in love; I knew I could use it somewhere!
  • Curtain Rod was $13 at Walmart
  • Curtain Panels were $8 a piece at Target.
  • Sconces were $16 a piece at Home Depot (Hudson Bay brand)

So…$92 dollars for a completely different look.  Not too shabby.

My favorite details are the bench…take a look at the handles.  LOVE.

I was stressing as to what to put on top of the bench; I was originally going to keep it white and upholster a cushion in red.  But that would have taken time, effort, and money, and the pillows were a last minute inspiration.  I’ve had the blue cloth napkins for YEARS, and I had a canvas drop cloth…when I saw the fabric went well, I spent a couple hours sewing them up.  Nothing better than “free”!

The rug is a hand-me-down from my parents, and the coat tree was another attic find; I’ve had the little teal box for a few years.  I think I’ll put umbrellas in it.

Oh, I have to show you one more thing; while I was scraping the wallpaper I uncovered this artwork and about fell off the ladder I was so excited! (By the way, I used CHOMP to remove the wallpaper, found it at Home Depot…AMAZING stuff!!!)

see the stencils at the top??

Although I wouldn’t want to go all the way around and handpaint it again, I wanted to recreate it and put it in some frames, centered in the cream stripe above the mirror.  However, our ceilings are 9 ft, and it seemed to me that it would make the wall “top heavy”.  What do you think?  I have 5 frames (that I’ve had for ages) that are brown and black.  If I don’t do it in the entryway, I am going to do it somewhere else; pay some homage to that long ago artist!

There you have it!  I feel…cozy walking in from the porch now.

On to the next project!