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Today was such a beautiful day.  I walked out the door, snapped this picture, and thought yep, it’s gonna be a good one.

Grammy took the boys today, and Dad had a conference in Augusta, so mom and I tagged along.  We dropped him off and headed to my all time favorite fabric store in the wholewideworld.

You walk in, and are greeted with *pure happiness*.

Pure Happiness to me, anyway.  My husband would probably walk in…and say “take your time, honey, I’m gonna park it on the porch!”

Mom and I lingered for a solid hour…shopping minus two little boys is pure heaven!  Believe it or not, I bought a $1.50 zipper.  No fabric.  It was honestly enough to just see the beauty…savor it and appreciate it.  Plus, we are at the end of our paycheck.  So what can you do?  🙂

We arrived in Nobleboro a bit before the fabric store opened, so we decided to go peek in the windows of  3 Pond Road.  It’s an old Ice House, converted to a 2 family home.  Would anyone care to purchase it with me?  Haven’t I mentioned something about going in together on a house before?  Oh, there are so many places to nest in Maine.  Mom and I laugh about how many places we would love to live, but are so thankful that we are able to come back to our little town and our little houses.  But back to this beauty…

I took this through the front door; wonder if the boat comes with it?  Ha!  I urge you to check out the little virtual tour here (where you will see the furnished floor).  It’s a little bit yummy.  If I could afford it, I’d live on one floor and have my studio on the other…I could have a room for every different type of “art” project, because I’m creatively schizophrenic.  Paint here, sew there, paper here, make jewelry there.  Isn’t dreaming fun?

Right next to the house is the Ice House Park.  I love the rules!

Alrighty folks, this post is getting picture heavy and I’m ready for bed; I’m going to have to continue with a “Part 2” of our day…there was a lot more to it.  Y’all have a great weekend!