October 16th is the anniversary of our wedding day; this year we’ve reached number 11!  I was thinking this morning…I would like to get our story down.  On paper. (Or computer).  Something for the grandkids!  It won’t all go in one post…so I’ll break it up.  A post here, a post there…a synopsis of the story of our lives together thus far.


I suppose I’ll have to start when I was a senior in high school.  It was 1998, and everyone was deciding where to go, what to do.  I was going to attend West Texas A&M, not really having a clue what for, but it was expected.  Didn’t everyone go to college?  Actually, I knew what my heart really longed for, and when I announced to the congregation at church that I would be attending WT, planning on majoring in finding a husband…it brought riotous laughter.

I wasn’t kidding.

I always did well in school.  A’s weren’t really all that hard for me to achieve…but I was good at learning and retaining for the moment.  Do you think I can wrap my head around algebra anymore?  Do you think I can diagram a sentence?  What is a dangling participle anyway?

Off I went to college, though.  My parents relocated from New Mexico to Maine during the summer between my graduation and entry into college.  I started classes and my theme song was Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks.  I’d sing it loud and clear and think “This is my life!  Wide Open Spaces!  Now where is my Cowboy?”  🙂  I had dreams, you see, to marry a rancher, have horses as far as the eye could see, and drive around the land in my beat up old pick-up with a Labrador Retriever by my side.  I was allergic to dogs though.  And horses.  Hmmm.

I tackled that first semester, driving home every weekend to stay with my grandparents and do my laundry.  But I missed my parents and my brother and was persuaded to move to the Great Northeast.  Come December, I gathered my belongings and flew to Maine, landing during a snowstorm (what an experience!) I was met by my family, whisked to the car, introduced to Dunkin Donuts, and driven home at a snails pace, in a wintery, unknown-to-me world.

I was 18 years old and had no plan.  During that semester in college, I truly came to the realization that I didn’t need a man right now; that while one would come in good time, being single was God’s plan for me and I would make the best of it!  But what would I do now?  No time to continue college immediately; the next semester started within weeks.  I had no car, no job.  I couldn’t live off my parents forever but was really confused as to the next step I should take.  I took a job subbing at one of my dad’s schools; that way I could drive in with him in the mornings.  Pretty much figured through that experience that I’d never want to be a career teacher. 🙂

Life plodded on for a couple of months. I was lonely except for my family.  Except, also, for the cheerful chatter I’d be awakened with each morning; we lived in a little apartment right over a General Store.  Thank goodness!  Winter in Maine, no real sight-seeing to do (that we were aware of), no transportation except on the days I took a sub job.  At least I could live vicariously through the conversations and lives of the people who gathered for breakfast downstairs every morning.  And then one day we received a letter from my precious grandmother; one that would change my life in ways I never expected.

And that’s where I leave you today.


Happy Anniversary Honey!!  To say I’m blessed to have you; it doesn’t even begin to express it.  You are truly a gift from God!