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I love it when a breeze picks up and it starts to rain colorful leaves.  I’ll never forget…on a wedding anniversary of ours,  I had come home from work and had to go straight to work; no rest for the weary, no break for us.  Long day.  Miserable.  Then I looked out the window, and the sky was dark blue, the wind was picking up, and golden leaves were swirling…lit up by a break in the clouds where the sun was shining through.  It MADE my day.

I saw the leaves on these trees swirling today in a leaf-rain (took these particular pictures last week). Didn’t take the time to hunt my camera down; didn’t want to miss the moment.

It sure was pretty.


I fell in love with the following boots and coat in an LL Bean Signature Catalog I received this week.


shearling lined....comfy!

classic. cozy.

Annnndddd then I read the fine print.  $299 and $295 respectively.



Last Thursday evening, Ryan came down with a fever.  He mentioned that his mouth hurt, and he was not his normal self.  I thought “OH boy, here we go again!” but I convinced him to sip a bit of salt water, then prayed like the dickens.  He woke up fit as a fiddle Friday morning.

I had big plans starting Sunday afternoon; I began scraping wallpaper in my living room.  One wall Sunday, one wall each MTW, then priming Thursday, painting by the weekend.  Halfway through scraping, Jack came down with a fever.  When he said “I just feel better when you hold me, momma” I was a goner.  His fever didn’t disappear over night, and it was hilarious trying to convince him to try any remedies until Tuesday when he was really miserable.  So Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday…yep, I was on the couch with Jack.  He’s much better today (Wednesday).  But painting plans?  Kaput!

The boys have been sick off and on since the end of August.  Nothing major, but enough to make a momma a wee bit nuts and sleep deprived.  Homeschooling has trickled down to almost nothing because of this, but the boys have found a new love in Mythbusters and Iron Chef.  Science?  Check.  Culinary Arts?  Check. 😉

When the last miner was being pulled up from the mine in Chile (watching history being made! Check!), we turned the tv on and Ryan (5) immediately exclaimed “33 miners have been stuck underground for 69 days??!!”  He had read it word for word, quick as a wink.  Nope, don’t think taking some time off has made him fall too desperately behind.


Tonight I escaped the looney bin (Jack is terribly whiney when he is sick…  terribly!!) to make a library run and go to the grocery store for chocolate.  I picked up a small bag of chocolates, then put it down when I found a bigger bag.  A gentleman walking by said “Ah, you must need more chocolate!”

Yes sir.  OH you have no idea.

And then I was in line with my chocolates behind a lady who had a cart full, and she asked if I wanted to go ahead of her.  I said “No!  This is my first outing of the day!” and she replied “I wondered if this was your quiet time”.  🙂

Yes Ma’am.  OH you have no idea.


Tomorrow, Grammy takes the boys for the day.  Friday, Nonnie is going to watch the boys while I go to Freeport with a girlfriend.

The anticipation is making me giddy. 

I adore my children!  More than you can imagine!  But once in awhile a momma needs a break.