Part One, Part Two

Ok, Ok, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…it was Erick I plopped my behind down next two.  Did you guess correctly?  I’m thinking you all did!  😉

Honestly, my first thought was not “Ooooh, dating material!”  I did think he was quite handsome, so I spent half the service paying attention to the pastor and half the service sneaking glances to my left.  Truly, though, I thought “He looks to be my age!  A friend, a friend!”  I suspected he was probably a senior in high school (because that would be my luck) but what’s a year in a friendship?

Anyway, this then-nameless cutie ducked out of the service early (much to my chagrin).   After the sermon was over we had a nice chat with the very enthusiastic pastor, and when he found out I was interested in working with the youth group, we set up a time to meet later in the week.

Fast forward a few days, and Pastor Karl came to pick me up…to take me out to a restaurant WITH Erick.  I found out that night that we were in fact the same age; he was a freshman in college at the time and helped out with the youth at the church.  Little did we know it at then, but from that first Sunday we visited, Karl was one determined matchmaking pastor!

Erick and I were each a little hesitant about a relationship though.  I was convinced, and I do mean convinced, that I did not want to casually date.  If I so much as held a guy’s hand…I wanted to end up married to him.  Sound crazy?   I hadn’t dated much up to this point, but I had dated enough to know that  I didn’t want to make a habit out of it.   I either wanted to settle into a serious relationship or not at all.

Erick was just getting out of a relationship, and he was done with dating for the time being.  Time to focus on college, no time for a girlfriend!

We were content to be friends, though…and Erick did invite me out to a Campus Crusade meeting with some of his crew (that was with you, right Meg?  And with Jared or Josh?  Or both?  Ha!  I love you Youngs!)

A few weeks went by, and other than the CC meeting, we would see each other at church or at church related-things (and I can’t tell you how many times our pastor’s wife asked “has he made a move yet?  when are you going to start dating???)  Determined!  Both Karl and his wife!

In the few weeks that we were slowly getting to know each other, my interest was definitely peaked in taking things to another level.  There is just something about Erick…all I can say is that it is his “aura”.  I can’t even count the number of times that we have been delayed in, say, the grocery store, because some complete stranger will just walk right up to Erick and give them his or her life story.  That is no lie, people.  He just draws people in without even saying a word.

April 22nd…we had known each other for about 5 weeks.  Not a long time by any means, but enough that  I was getting antsy and wanting to have an answer in the affirmative to my pastor and his wife…as in “yes!  we ARE at item!”  We took the youth group to a Luis Palau/Five Iron Frenzy concert that evening, and after the show Erick did something that made my spine tingle and convince me I was officially in it for the long haul.

He held my hand.


There is much more to this story, so I’m sorry if you’ll have to deal with these posts from time to time!  I’m definitely going to mix things up a bit and won’t make it one post after another.  I’m loving writing this down though, and am going to continue through present day, eventually.  God has written such an incredible story in our lives together!  And good grief, I’d encourage you to do the same; get your story down.  Married or not.  If your memory is anything like mine, whew, it needs to be on paper before it’s forgotten!