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Hmmm, you know, I used to do posts about one subject; lately my busy life is only allowing bits of time to put a smorgasbord of subjects into one offering.  So here is our week in review!

I took this picture from the recliner a few days ago; it’s one of my favorite places to sit.  Today, I’m sitting in the same place; the leaves are gone and it’s gently snowing HUGE flakes!  Our first snow of the season!

This picture cracks me up; on Saturday my boys don’t watch cartoons on pbs; they play pbs games online.  How time changes things.

Yesterday was the church’s “faire” for the kiddo’s; they play games to earn coins for candy.  The boys earned enough coins for around 20 pieces of candy, but they chose about 5 pieces each and were satisfied.  (!!!!!!)  I wasn’t complaining!  Shocked, but not complaining! They were also completely eager to wear the costumes they wore last year.  Halloween was a delightful surprise for me this year, all the way around!

The weather the last few days was gorgeous.  It was 70 degrees on Thursday, so we spent the day homeschooling outside.  Walked downtown, played soccer in the backyard; Jack had a delightful time making up stories about leaves.  I love how their imaginations run wild.


playing with their leaf "family" 🙂


this is where we say "1,2,3, wheee!" and swing to wild heights on the hammock.

It was a delightful week; the boys were (and are) healthy; it’s been productive as well.  I’m almost finished priming and prepping the living room walls for their first coat of paint!  Mom and I escaped to Ellsworth on Friday to buy our second 30 pound box of organic blueberries from Merrills Wild Blueberries.  The weather and colors were still amazing and we spent the whole ride  thanking God that we live in such a beautiful place!

I’m preparing today for a little Jack’s birthday party tomorrow; he’ll be 4 years old.   We haven’t gotten into the “friend” parties yet; I figure that as long as the boys are satisfied with “family” parties, we’ll continue them.  He wants a remote control car; but he very specifically asked for red wrapping paper with a yellow stripe and blue bow.  Ha!  He’s such an artist; more concerned with the packaging than anything else!

Wishing you all a happy Sunday and safe Halloween!