Yesterday Jack woke up and asked Daddy if he was 4 yet, and when Daddy replied that he was, Jack exclaimed “but I’m not any taller!”

He’s been throwing the peace sign around lately; it cracks me up.  Last week when we left the house to go on a walk, he stood on the steps and threw his hands in the air, goofy grin and all, and did this new thing.  Where do they see this stuff?

Jack loves to make us laugh.  And not so much to make us laugh…I think he just enjoys it himself.  He is an actor, my goodness.  But for the sake of acting; not for anyone else…just yet.  We had the funniest conversation the other day; Jack, Nonnie and myself:

Jack was putting together some branches of mom’s, and when he finished, Nonnie said

“Jack, that’s like a flower bouquet!”

J: “Like at a wedding?”

N: “Yes!  Just like at a wedding.  Are you going to get married?”

J: “Nooooo….”

N: “You aren’t?”

J: “Nooooo….”

Me: “Jack, you don’t have to get married now, but maybe someday when you are older”

N: “Yes, like when you are 32”

J: “Whew!  That was close!!”

little pause

J: “But I’m worried about getting married.”

Me: “Why’s that, Jack?”

J: “Because I don’t want to stand on the stage!”

LOL, mom and I both automatically assumed he would say something like “I’m afraid of commitment”.  Hahaha.  Looks like he’s just doesn’t want to be front and center at this point.  He doesn’t mind acting like a ham in front of us most of the time, but right now it’s for the pure love of being a goofball.

Last night Jack was given a remote control car and a variety of art supplies; this morning he’s covered in finger paint.  He is an artist at heart, acting or creatively.  He’s also incredibly kind; last night he opened up some jammies from his Grammie, and before he knew what they were, he said “Wow, fabric!!”  He thanked  all of us repeatedly for his few gifts last night; he was one happy camper.  He’s still a momma’s boy and a stubborn little man…he also shows up in our bed around 3 in the morning and cuddles up between us; I don’t mind a bit other than when I wake up with a crick in my neck. 🙂

So Happy Birthday, little man.  Let’s not rush 5, ok?