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Part One, Two, Three

We held hands, and that was that.  I’d say we were inseperable, but we weren’t; Erick’s schedule was crazy.  He lived in one town, worked twenty minutes away in another, and commuted back and forth to college over an hour away.  He LIVED in his car, always on the road.  But if he wasn’t sleeping, working or schooling, we were together.

We spent evenings together, for the most part, and never in my life had I experienced dating the way we did.  We were outside ALL the time (too poor for dinner and a movie, for the most part)!  He showed me “his” Maine; I’ll never forget driving through the woods one evening, stopping at a little creek, and watching the Northern Lights; a first for me!  Hiking was the norm for us, and blazing small, barely there roads through the forest with his beat-up car to find some magnificent view.  We would find a court and play tennis under the stars (hard to do, but hilarious!)  One day we drove to the coast, one day we went to New Hampshire.  It was amazing, discovering this part of the country with my honey.  There was a great little covered bridge where we would go spend time; it became a favorite spot.

Things were going along swimmingly; I was falling hard and fast.  Honestly, I expected a Christmas proposal; early, I know…we had only met in March, but I was sure he was the one.

One day in June, Erick came to pick me up in the wee hours of the morning; we were going to go hike Borestone Mountain.  Funny thing; we couldn’t drive up to the “official” start of the hike for some reason, so we had to trudge our way up the paved road for quite awhile.  I was worn. out.  We are talking New Mexican girl, here…used to flat ground.  Most of the hiking we had done up to this point had been fairly easy, but for some reason the road was kicking my behind that day!  Luckily we found a little outlook spot, so we went to see the view and rest a bit.

And he proposed.

In June!  Not Christmas!


I was shocked!  Enthralled, but Christmas was so stuck in my brain that a June proposal was astonishing.  And amazing.  And of course I said yes.

We hit the road hiking again, but I couldn’t stop looking at my ring, and he was full of pent up adrenaline, so he hiked to the top while I sat and stared at the sparklies of my diamond and daydreamed a bit.

That evening we splurged and celebrated at the Olive Garden in Bangor; holding hands across the table, completely giddy.

Our dating days took an unusual turn after that; from outside to the bookstore. Most people chuckle when we tell them what we did…but it will have to wait for the next installment.

Until then…start getting your stories down!