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I think I’ll make it my new goal to post once a week.  Sounds do-able, right?  I’ve been MIA for a bit, because this lovely couple is in town. 🙂

My bro and his wife, Caisee

Danny works at home for jalopnik and does freelance work so he can be on the move and still get his work done.  He has to stay home during the day so he can have access to computer and the internet, so we’ve been over at mom and dad’s house every day this week to soak in some “close” time; it’s fantastic to be in the same room with them!  I’ve posted about Caisee’s work before; her shop is here and website is here.  They are such a creative couple it blows me away.

So yep, just been hangin’ with Uncle Danny and Aunt Caisee, getting by with a minimal amount of housework. 🙂  I’ll be back soon with another part of Our Story and a post of some projects I’ve been working on; have a great weekend!