Holy Moly.  I am, well, I just had a shower that semi-refreshed me, so I’m not as bone-tired as I was about 20 minutes ago.  I’ve been BUSY, peeps.  100 miles an hour it seems.  I have more to do tomorrow, and I’m going to blog about that either tonight or tomorrow, so prepare yourselves for a deluge of posts this week!  If I haven’t returned emails, or commented on blogs, or been social at all, it’s because I’ve been sewing/cutting/gluegunning like a madwoman.  It’s been thrilling, actually!

I wanted to share pictures from last week when Dan and Cais were here, first off.  We tried them inside because it was FA-REEZING outside, but I detest don’t particularly care for inside pictures (unless you have that lovely professional lighting) so we threw our coats on and headed to our favorite background…our neighbor’s barn.  There are just so many funny pictures here, y’all.

Dad set his tripod up and we did the good ol’ self timer thing in 30 degree weather.  Fun times!


This one was decent of all of us, but I'm cracking up because Jack practically tried climbing on top of my head. He's a monkey like that. But it's one of my favorite pics of all of us; winner winner chicken dinner.

Jack's face. Hilarious.

I love how Erick is squishing J's cheeks. 🙂

Not too shabby!

something is funny, obviously

j's face again; such a goob.

my bro's classic face

Alright, time to start another post, catch up on some laundry, put the kids to bed, craft a little more, and maybe fit some sleep in there somewhere, tonight…