Phew.  So yep, this is what we’ve been up to around the Murray/Schumpert households; going gangbusters to the point that we pretty much forgot about the Thanksgiving meal; I’m writing this on Tuesday night and we don’t even have a turkey yet!  Horrors!

Some crafty friends are coming together to have an Open House (Whimsicalities) on the day after Thanksgiving; good ol’ Black Friday.  Address is 183 Madawaska Ave in Pittsfield.  It’ll be held from 6-10 pm, though…to give you a chance to hit the big box stores then come buy up some quality homemade.  Refreshments will be served, gift wrapping is available; if you are local, please come out and say hello! Here is a sampling of what we are bringing to the table…


These are some of my favorites; pillows made from vintage tablecloths, backed in a modern fabric. I'm taking 2 of each design (8 in all) to the Open House but have quite a stash left at the house, if anyone is interested! $18

8 Foot Garland made from Vintage Sheet Music, $4

I like these too; I'm crazy about numbers and fonts; these pillows give a nod to Christmas Day but you can keep them out year round! $18

This picture gives you a better idea of their size; about 12×12


Sparkly Banner Wreaths; $25

Wool Felt Flower Pins; I have them in red (this picture totally changed the true color), green, mustard, eggplant, cream, light and dark gray. They range in size and I've also created some hairpins; I'll probably price them from 2-6 dollars. You can see some of them pinned on the wreaths above. I like them on my jacket, my scarve, my purse; it's a fun addition to this total jeans and t-shirt gal.

Alrighty, here are mom and dad’s offerings;

Adorable Moose Family; Mom cut and stained these. I think I saw a $10 price tag! Don't hold me to it; it may be 12, but I'm pretty sure I saw $10.


*awesome* balsam sachets; smell good and look amazing! $5

Mom also created the same nativity that graced my mantle last year.  I don’t have a current picture, but this gives you an idea of what it looks like.  She’s only charging $35.

The wood is textured; very beautiful


I know this isn't a good close up, but it gives you an idea of the size. It's 15 pieces!

Dad has created some beautiful cherrywood cutting boards; they range in size and price from 20-35 dollars. I have one that I use all the time; I can vouch for the great craftmanship!

Dad has also created a lovely little bench that will be at the sale; I don’t have a picture of it!  The next picture makes me sad; the quality is AWFUL; can you say inside dim lighting?  This is one of the most impressive creations (to me)…it’s a desk calendar with photos of Pittsfield.  It is CLASSY, people.  If you are a local or know someone that has moved away, this would be a great gift.  Only $12!  Mom and Dad had a great time creating this beauty.


blurry, eww. sorry!! come see it in person, you'll be impressed!

My God Mother also sent some adorable little girl’s dresses; makes me wish I had a sweet little one to wear it!


So *this* is what I’ve been up to lately, and I’ve had so much fun.  Were I not to sell a thing, it just feels great to have accomplished something creative!  If you see anything in this post that interests you, but you can’t make it to the Open House, let me know!

PS…just talked to more crafters this morning; there will be refinished furniture, jewelry, photography prints, cards, art, just to name a few more things!  Should be wonderful!