Do you happen to have a dollar or two left over after that Post Thanksgiving Shopping Spree?

I have an idea for you, if you do; spending pennies to make an extraordinary impact.

Our church helps to support an amazing family, the Pallangyo’s, in Africa.  They are always on the go; always busy, taking in aids orphans, impacting lives, making a huge difference with people desperately in need of love.  I’ll let Brother Jeremiah tell you about an upcoming project…in his own words:


NEW HOPE FOR ALL NATIONS CHURCH is a church situated along mama Ngina Road, with a mission and vision to reach the people both spiritual and physical.  For the last 8 years, we have participated in various community activities, one of them been the prison ministry, it has been our joy to serve in this field and ministering to the most venerable people in our society.  The drug addicts, prostitutes, alcoholics, orphans, single mothers and the old forgotten generation.

We offer free counseling and help them to realize and fulfill their dreams in life.  This ministry has been great but challenging and cannot be realized without the input of others. We appreciate many who have become part of us in this ministry.  We would like to extend the same to you and request you to be part of this great opportunity of helping others to achieve their dreams in life.

This year we are closing the year by visiting over 4,000 inmates in Naivasha Maximum Prison and Naivasha Annex Prison.  Our approach is Christ like (Matt 25: 35-45), we present a package for each inmate of:-


½ Liter of Milk

1 bar Soap                               .

1 roll of tissue paper

This will be a Christmas comfort for the inmate. The amount of package for each inmate cost will be $3.  What we have been doing as a church is to build a bridge by visiting them from time to time.  We would like you to note that our prisons here are different to those in the West.  The prison here does not provide for the above commodities so when we take these things to the prisoners, it is a luxury to them.  The visiting day is a great day for them and by doing this, they open up a great deal and some of them when they finish their term, the first stop is in the church.

We also have women and children in the prison.  When the women are convicted, and they have no one to leave their children with, they are jailed together with their children.    We would like you to kindly help us to go and visit them.  In Naivasha, we have two facilities the small one is called Annex and has 740 men, 40 women and 20 children.  We have the major one called Maximum prison that hosts men only the number of men in 3,500.

Kindly share this email with your members and request them if they can take 2 or 3 inmates between now and 8th December 2010 as we will be going to the Annex Prison on 10th December 2010 and to Maximum on 11th December 2010.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

May God bless you and expand your boundaries in your business, personal life and family.

Yours in Christ service.


3 dollars!  That’s less than a Starbucks, my friends.  Actually, if you are willing to help out, $3.50 would be fantastic; it will help to cover the cost of the nonprofit’s business needs.  You can donate right here.


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I’ll be back to report on ours soon!