Part One, Two, Three, Four

I’ll never forget the morning Erick proposed; while we were driving to Borestone, before I knew what the day would hold, it was on the tip of my tongue countless times to talk about the future.  But who talks about the future (kids, marriage, etc) when you’ve only been dating 2 months?  And, it being June, you’ve only just met in March?

Fortunately, the ring on the finger gave us permission to start those discussions.  Ha.  While we had been hiking, sporting, sitting at covered bridges before the engagement, we added a new activity to the arsenal afterwards; visiting the bookstore to pick up Baby Name books.  I do not jest.  Most people laugh, but it was fun for us.  I only wish I still had one of our lists; I would love to know if Jack or Ryan were on any of them.  We would make up our own and then compare, and whittle down from there.  Occasionally we still bring up that conversation; “So…if we have any more, what do you think?  Any good girl or boy names up your sleeve?”

We obviously wanted a family, but it would be awhile before that happened.  In the meantime, we were 19 years old, hadn’t completed college; I was jobless, and Erick worked at a grocery store.  It was time to figure things out, along with thinking about setting a wedding date!  And thought we did; at first we figured a summer wedding would be nice, but when we contemplated driving back and forth over icy roads in the winter to visit each other, we decided to move things up a bit and make it a fall wedding.  As in, Fall of ’99, mere months away.  October sounded nice; we decided on the 16th.  If it’s right, why a long engagement? Time to get busy!

Erick applied for and received a job up in the “sticks” at a manufacturing plant; not his heart’s desire, but the pay was good.  He also started apartment hunting and found us a nice place above a Flower Shop.  Funny; I went from living over a General Store to living over a Flower Shop! (Definitely smelled better, and there wasn’t as much gossip to be heard!)  After we married, I applied for a job at a Rite Aid that was across the parking lot from the Flower Shop.  We’ll get to that in a future post though.

In the meantime, wedding plans were in full, fast and furious force.  I hardly remember a thing about that summer other than searching for a dress, which I ended up finding on a family vacation in Pennsylvania.  And missing Erick every blasted minute we were apart.  We had our naysayers (why so young? why so fast? are you pregnant?) but we just knew.  I was fully confident, and am even more so now, 11 years on.  God paired us up well, people.

Obviously the wedding date was upon us quickly; the day was just fine; it was a fun wedding.  There were things I would have changed for sure, but after a promise from my husband that we could renew our vows in grand style, the idea of planning another wedding makes me want to laugh out loud.  And I’ve grown up enough to realize that it’s not the wedding that matters; it’s the marriage!

A rather comical story to share about our wedding night; we drove an hour or so from the church and stayed at a small motel on the way to Vermont.  Not only did we forget our camera, but we forgot something else important that neither of us can remember at the moment…so we have a visit from my parents AND from his mom as well, dropping off whatever we had left behind.  Bless them!!  How many young newlyweds expect that to happen?  How many parents, for that matter?

We honeymooned in Vermont, then New Hampshire and Massachusetts, all in one week.  No agenda, lots of sightseeing.  I think if we could redo, we’d pick one place and stick with it.  So while I won’t go for another ceremony, I’d absolutely take a second honeymoon! 😉

We came back home on the 22nd or 23rd, and honestly, that is where the real story begins.  The hard stuff, the good stuff, the God stuff.  It has been FULL of God stuff.  So I’ll continue this story, a few bits at a time.  And hope you don’t get tired of it!