Another post of various offerings…

The phone rang at 5:20 this morning with the “school’s cancelled” announcement…and it woke me right up with no hope of falling back into blissful slumber.  Looks like schools are closed all over the state; we must be in for a humdinger.  Good thing we bought groceries yesterday; I had no idea a storm was on it’s way!

I’m going to have to be on the ball today; although I’m not a particularly scheduled/organized person, I do have a bit of a routine every day.  When Erick stays home, however, I tend to think of that as a day off for me, as well…and nothing gets accomplished; I practically flounder around and walk aimlessly through the house.  I don’t know why…Heaven help us if Erick ever worked from home!

Alrighty, I am on day 8 of some mutant kind of cold virus that just does not want to budge…the horrible thing is that it everyone has it; we are a miserable bunch.  Mom caught it too, and we are just praying that dad somehow stays unaffected.  It’s worn me out; I finally worked up the energy to put the tree up in the living room and semi-decorate it.  I’m ready to be well!  On Saturday I managed to escape the house; I felt somewhat better and actually went shopping with my dad; it was a fantastic day and I tried to keep a significant distance from other shoppers so as not to spread the loveliness.  Sunday I was back on the couch all day.  Today I have a bit more energy so I’m determined to harness it and clean this house!

*Whew the snow is blowing out there!  Wow!*

Alright; Thanksgiving memory; we had a wonderful day over at my parent’s house but it all started out so sweet over here.  I’ll throw out a disclaimer that my boys definitely have their spats, but my heart just about melted on Thursday morning; Ryan tiptoed into our room about 7 am and snuggled into bed with us.  About 30 minutes later, Jack woke up as well and I could hear him say “Ryan?  Where are you??”  He came into our room as well, and when he hopped up on the bed, the boys were absolutely delighted to see each other.  They wrapped each other in a big hug; Ry kissed Jack’s head and Jack kissed Ry’s shoulder, and they were just content to hug for a minute or so.  It was adorable.  I had forgotten to share this picture on the blog this summer (I did on facebook…they were in their wedding clothes for my cousin’s big day).  I think it personifies the relationship they have; they do love each other!

Well my dears, it’s time to get busy.  I have one corner in my living room finished (as in painted and decorated-I can now mark it off my list); if I can manage to clean it, I’ll show you some inexpensive artwork that I hung to add a bit of character to our abode.  Thanks for hanging in with my randomness, yet again!