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Day 10, still stuffed up.  And exhausted.  I’ve never had a cold last this long, it’s pretty funny when you think about it.  But I’m counting my blessings anyway, because they are many.  And it’s just a cold, geesh!

Anyway, in the last 10 days I’ve lounged around 90% of the time.  Occasionally I’ll get a spark and be up and about for oh, 10 minutes at a time, then it’s back to the couch for me.  The cold hit right around the time that I really wanted to start decorating but that has taken a back seat…although I have managed a few things.  The stockings are hung, the nativity is on the mantle.  The tree is finally decorated.  And I printed out and hung a bit of inexpensive art that I worked up in photoshop; it almost completes one corner of our living room (this is non-Christmas related; something to keep up until I’m ready to move onto the next thing!)  I desperately wanted some informality in this room; we have a (fake) leather couch which tends to scream formal to me, so this really easy art added the fun/casual I was after.

They are 19×13 prints; it sucked up almost a whole black cartridge!  It’s on matte paper so it’s nice and stiff; I love this hymn and I’ve always enjoyed the graphic appeal of black and white.  I strung it on picture wire with binder clips; here it is in relation to the room:

I finished painting the living room (finally) the same colors as the entry way. You can probably see where our chair rail will eventually go (about mid-piano). That's next on the list!


I strung some of my vintage music garland in the entryway; I like the quirkiness of it.

I was going to decorate in a vintage gold/silver/cream theme this Christmas; then I trudged up to our attic and forgot that I went on a post-Christmas shopping spree for all of the 80 percent of Christmas balls last year.  So color it is!  I wanted to make a wreath last year, but didn’t get around to it, so this was priority-it coordinates with our tree.  It’s very easy; just snip the hook part off of a coat hanger, unravel the wires at the top, and string the balls.  Then ravel your wires back together. 🙂

Well, back to the couch for me.  Or bed.  The bed sounds really nice.  Think the boys could take care of themselves? 😉