I was at my parent’s house today and swiped a couple of my dad’s pictures; I love the wintery scene he recently shot, and the ornament below I remember from…forever.  I think it must be pre-“me” because it’s always been around!

I popped onto my blog today and realized I hadn’t posted since the 8th!  Time flies!  This month has been exhausting, though, so I haven’t given the computer much time at all.  Between sickness and recovery it’s all I can do to keep up with the necessary things.  Oh, and Christmas!  I finally resorted to purchasing everything (minus one gift) online which helped tremendously; I suppose I’ll have to start wrapping here soon.

We did very well for the boys this year; we try not to get caught up in buying them a plethora of gifts; we stuck to 3 a piece this year and I’m really satisfied with what we bought!

We purchased a 15 dollar educational Wii game for Jack; he makes me laugh…the other night as we were saying what we were thankful for (a nightly routine) he said “I love all my family and all the electronics!!”  Such a different childhood our kids are living in this day and age!

We bought Ryan a pair of 30 dollar Roller Skates at Target; this child loves everything on wheels and wants to go as fast as possible.  He repeatedly asks for them, and when I reply “We’ll have to see what Santa brings!” he tells me that not only can Santa bring presents on Christmas, but moms and dads can buy them as well.  He’s catching on quick. 😉 We’ll get him a scooter for his birthday in January; between all 3 (skates, scooter, and bike) I’m hoping he’ll be satisfied enough not to ask for a skateboard in the near future. 🙂

My FAVORITE gifts, however, came from Paper Source.

For our little scientist Ry, we bought this;


make your own rubber bouncing balls!

and this:


pocket microscope

and for Jack, we bought a drawing pad that comes with 3D glasses; you draw your design and it pops out at you with the glasses on.  It was supposedly very popular because it was no longer on the site!  He’s our little artist, obviously.  And last but not least…I can’t tell you how excited I am about these.  I’ll probably get more use out of them then anybody, because they make me happy!


a moustache for every day of the week!

Anyway, between the gifts and stocking stuffers, we kept it to well under 100 dollars.  Not too shabby.

Erick and I are going to “gift” each other with money…to go shopping Post-Christmas!  He needs a good winter coat and I need some winter boots.  I think we’ll have a day-date next week; spend some quality time together and prepare for the winter weather (or be better prepared, at any rate).  It’ll be fun.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas if I don’t return before then; my list is a mile long!  Tomorrow is wrapping and cleaning, Thursday is Christmas with my mom-in-law, and Friday we are going to head to Camden for the day, then make it back in time for our always wonderful Christmas Eve Service at Church.  I’ll be sure to report next week, though.  So enjoy the remainder of the week and beyond, and stay safe and warm! ‘Tis the Season!