Great Day! (as I learned in the South).  Good Night! (as I learned from my Yankee Grandma).  It’s a blizzard out there!  I’d take a picture but all you’d see is white!

I’m so thankful that we are stuck snug in our home, and praying for all of those who aren’t…who have to get to work, or are trying to get back home from Christmas celebrations; this is one good reason I don’t ever want to fly/drive in winter!

Erick and I had intended on getting out and about today,  but no such luck. 🙂  We’ll save our date for Wednesday/Thursday; the weather looks to be much improved by then.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas.  On the Eve we traveled to our beloved Camden and took in the sights and shops and gloried in being spitting distance from the ocean again.


awaiting our food at the Camden Deli; the boys are mesmerized by the little oil/water thingamajigy

After Camden we attended the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Church, which never disappoints.  Went to Papa and Nonnies afterwards for some popcorn and Christmas movies, then headed home to tuck the boys in bed so the elves could get to work!

Never in my life with Jack has this happened…ok, occasionally…but that little bugger slept in on Christmas morning!  Ryan woke up first, around 7 am, and I had to wake the Jackster up.  We were sure we’d be pulled out of bed early in the morning, but I assume Christmas Eve sufficiently wore them out!  What a nice surprise!

We opened up gifts at our house then hightailed it to Papa and Nonnie’s for more!


bringing the loot from the tree to the table

tearin' in...

They were allowed to download a 5 dollar Old School Mario Brother’s game to the Wii…I haven’t heard those sounds in AGES!   I even gave it a go; brought me right back to elementary school!

One of my favorite gifts was made by my mom, of course.  I LOVE what she thought up!  She bought some printable fabric and scanned in a couple of pages from my all-time favorite Mitford book series.  It’s the opening paragraph of the first book, which I have written on a chalkboard in my craft room!  Also a page from the map in the book; I just adore it.

We decided to change tradition up a bit this year with the meal and decided we have a new tradition…for awhile!  We always do the same thing; Papa’s cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and turkey/mashed and sweet potatoes/green bean casserole, etc for lunch.  We’ve done that so long that after Thanksgiving, we were ALL ready for a change!  So this year…we had the cinnamon rolls but added a delicious quiche for breakfast, then around noon we made some appetizers; bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and another little concoction; cream cheese and green chilies  spread over a flour tortilla, rolled up and cut into bite sized pieces.  Delicious!

Around 2:30 we had Tim Love’s Prosciutto-Wrapped Turkey (fantastic, juicy, loved the crumbled prosciutto as opposed to thick gravy over the turkey)

Green beans sauted in a lemon garlic butter sauce

Butternut Squash Bake (AMAZING)

And then cranberry sauce and rolls; couldn’t completely break away from the norm!  We loved the change and didn’t feel as weighed down after the meal.

We skyped Grandma and Grandpa Robinson back in New Mexico, and were able to see my Brother and Sis in law while we talked to them as well.  Technology can be a wonderful thing. 🙂

In the evening, we went to visit Ms. Marietta at the nursing home.  It was SO funny to listen to the boys explain to her and her roommate Gloria that they downloaded such and such, played Wii and the Ipod…it was practically a foreign language to me, say nothing about them!  It was a great visit, though.  Afterwards we came home to chocolate and pecan pie and a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit.  Great way to end the evening!

I have one more post planned for this week, and I think it will be a good one.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!