Yes, this was unexpected. 🙂  So much so that I was oh, I don’t know, 10 days late and *only* decided to take a pg test because we had an old one hanging around…and when it turned out positive I disregarded it because it was expired.  I emailed Erick at work and told him to bring another one home…but I was sure it would be negative, because I was sick (this was during the Dreadful Cold) and figured that my sickness was messing with my hormones.

No dice.  Positive again!

But you know what?  We are THRILLED!  Overjoyed, excited, a wee bit anxious; I feel very out of practice!  But this feels so right.

Honestly, Erick and I have been having the baby discussion quite a bit lately.  We’ve always wanted a houseful of kiddos, but the past few years have been hectic, to say the least.  I haven’t had the least desire to add another little one with Erick’s schedule the way it has been (thus, we rid ourselves of every scrap of baby item we owned last summer!), but his Master’s Degree wraps up in May, which will take a HUGE load off.  Then there were debates as to whether we should try for another one biologically or start saving up for adoption, because that has always been on our hearts as well.  Looks like God made our initial decision for us!  Adoption is still an option, but maybe in another couple of years.

Part of the *timing* I was worried about (for the first 10 minutes) is that we have no insurance…we’ll also need a bigger vehicle that we can’t seemingly work into a budget, either.  But you know what?  I’m so glad that God worked it out this way; despite our circumstances, because things WILL work and I’m excited to see how everything will fall into place.  He has proven His love and  provision time and time again.

Gut feeling is telling me to go with a doc this time; Jack was a homebirth baby, and I LOVED the experience.  It was amazing, and I truly believe that it’s the better option for a healthy pregnancy.  But I found a wonderful practice in Waterville; we met with a midwife there yesterday, and I felt very much at peace.  I’ll be passed onto a doctor there because of my history of HELLP Syndrome, but I hear that all of the docs are wonderful.

We were waiting to spring the news until my first appointment; we’ve known for about 2 1/2 weeks but wanted to tell my Grandparents and Brother and Sis in Law on Christmas Day.  And then we figured we’d let the world know once we saw the ultrasound; unfortunately that wasn’t apart of the appt. yesterday; that will come next week.  But we just couldn’t wait to share the news! That, and I have a rapidly expanding waistline; either church friends would start to get very curious or figure I’d done some major overindulging during the holidays! I’m assured this is very normal for 3rd pregnancies; I was beginning to think twins I’m growing so fast!

My due date is around the beginning of August, we think.  I wasn’t keeping very good records so I’m not quite sure if that’s completely accurate, but the ultrasound will hopefully help a little with pinning down a date.  Of course, if this little one follows suit, that due date will be thrown way out the window anyway!

Boy or Girl?  We don’t care at all!  I’ve always envisioned a houseful of boys.  This pregnancy seems to be very much like it was with Ryan and Jack, so a boy is likely, although we’d welcome a girl, of course.  To quote Ryan, when asked if he’d like a brother or sister, “I’m fine with whatever the baby comes out as”.  Haha.  Jack wants a brother for sure, and he wants to name him Blaster.  But if it happens to be a girl, he wants to name her Girly Girl.

The boys are excited; Jack wants to try his hand at this Big Brother thing; he’s even willing to change diapers (or so he says right now).  🙂  Ryan, bless his precious heart, pasted a smile on his face with tears in his eyes when we told him.  He later told us that it was kind of hard the first day, because he loves it being “Ryan and Jack”.  But after awhile, he got used to the idea, and is ready to kiss the baby (which he does multiple times a day on mommy’s tummy right now).  But he doesn’t want to change diapers (smart kid).

Anyway, we’d welcome your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby.  I was very fortunate during Jack’s pregnancy, but there is always a bit of a risk of HELLP reoccuring once you’ve had it in the past.  We definitely don’t want to go through that again!

Turns out that 2011 is going to hold much more excitement for us than we anticipated!  God always knows best.  We’re so glad He does.