Ultrasound today!  And it’s a singleton, yipee! (I had twin dreams, a friend of mine had twin dreams, and the son of some friends declared we would be having 2.  I was a wee bit worried.  Twins are amazing!  Just glad it’s not on my agenda this time). 🙂

We never had an ultrasound with Jack, so it was great fun getting to do this again.  With Ry, oh golly I  can’t recall the number of ultrasounds we had with him…it was pure craziness with that pregnancy!  But having it today was really cool; we are 9 1/2 weeks along so the little peanut was more defined than our 7 wk picture of Ryan.  Although the pictures below are a bit fuzzy, we were able to catch some great glimpses on screen, and at one point even saw baby going to TOWN wiggling around and could make out the little arms and legs!  Wow!

My labs all turned out well, we think!  Only real abnormality involved my Thyroid Levels; our doctor said normal danger zone for Thyroid was 10-12…and I was at 75!  So her obvious belief is that it was a fluke.  She had only seen levels like that one other time, and everything turned out fine for that patient.  I’ll go back in 3 weeks instead of 4 to get tested again.  But I’m relatively sure that if I was that off…I would be experiencing some kind of far out symptoms, and I’m not.  I think I’m good to go.

In the meantime, it’s been day to day with energy levels and sickness; sometimes I’m great, sometimes I’m worn out.  I have to eat constantly to keep the upset stomach at bay.  I don’t sleep well, but I never have during my pregnancies.  I’m up 5 to 6 times a night to pee.  Lovely.  That *could* be why my energy levels are a bit low during the day!

I admittedly have my tiny freak out moments, that are purely selfish; I’ll be taking my time in the shower, and it will hit me that I won’t be able to just hop on in any ol’ time I want anymore!  Or we’ll put the boys to bed, and they’ll drift off without a complaint…then I think of newborn Jack being awake for hours at night and eek!  There goes that uninterrupted-by-screaming-child sleep fairly soon…

But then I see pictures of sweet little babies and get all melty.  And we’ll be able to experience all those “firsts” again…and even though Ryan and Jack will be grown and gone, one after another, I’ll be able to hang onto the 3rd for awhile, thank goodness!

After our appointment Erick and I had a date at Applebees; it was wonderful to celebrate with him.  I’m so glad he’s my husband.  And the father of my three children.  Three!  I still can’t quite wrap my head around it!