Party Time!

Honestly, I can’t decide whether I’m a bad mother or just a sane one.  I’ve never thrown a “kid” party for our boys.  My parents threw me some great parties; almost all of them surprises…it was awesome.  Our boys have always been content with family parties though, and I guess my mindset is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!  A huge part of me just dreads all the invitations, all of the party favors, all of the *noise* of a friend-packed birthday party.  My entire life I’ve never been able to take loud noise well.  Even when I was younger…the sound of my brother’s remote control cars would nearly throw me for a loop!  When I was a teenager I would never blare music like so many cool kids.  The AMAZING thing is that recently we’ve been researching blood type things (diets and such) and it turns out that my blood type can’t take loud noises.  Hooray!  I’m not such a wienie after all!  It’s not my fault!  If he ever asks for a friend party I’ll be happy to oblige him.  But so far, momma has gotten off the hook.

Back to the party; we did take Ry Guy out for pizza at Pizza Hut Friday night and then met up with friends to go bowling.   Great fun.  I posted this on facebook, but I have to include it here as well…on the way home that night, he said “I am SO excited that I want tomorrow morning to crush into tonight so tonight will shrink so my birthday will get here faster!”  Ha!  He always surprises me with his little descriptions. Saturday Ry patiently waited until 3 pm to start the festivities.  He wanted party hats for sure! (And my sis-in-law made the banner…too cute!)


He let Jack help him unwrap his presents; teamwork is best!

I think his absolute  favorite present was a watch from Papa and Nonnie.  We’ve been working on telling time lately and this was a great incentive!

Ryan wanted a marble cake with white frosting and gum drops on top.  Jack decorated…intently.  The next Cake Boss, you think?

Ry is such an amazing kiddo.  A few more Ryanisms that I haven’t written down…so I better write them down before I forget;

The boys were arguing over something, and it came down to be in Jack’s favor.  Daddy said “Ryan, this is the fair way, ok, kiddo?

Ryan replied “Dad, a fairway is in golf.”

Too true.

And then a couple of months ago I pulled out a map of the continents; we had never gone over them together but I had overheard Ryan saying something about South America.  They weren’t broken into countries, just the un-labeled continents.  He went on to tell me where North and South America, Africa, and Asia were, and pointed out that China was “right here” in Asia (picture him pointing to the right place), and when Jack asked about a little island off the coast of Africa, Ryan said “That’s Madagascar!”

Now picture a stunned mother!  This kid has the memory of an elephant.  Whenever he surprises me with his crazy knowledge, I think back to the day after he was born…when the doctors were telling me that he could be blind, deaf, have brain bleeds…

Turned out they were wrong, my goodness!

I’m loving this time of life so much; when we tell the boys they need to stop growing, they always look at us like we are nuts and say “You DO know it’s not supposed to happen that way, right?”

Too bad.  Too terribly bad.