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Man alive!  For the past couple of weeks the boys have had a stomach bug…a come and go bug; as soon as we think we are in the clear it rears it’s ugly head again.  However, the last “episode” was on Sunday, and it’s Wednesday now…they’ve  been eating like champs and have had boundless energy, so I’m optimistic that we’ve seen the last of it.  I hope. 🙂

In the meantime, Erick has been my hero; the last thing I wanted while pregnant was the bug, so he did all the cleaning up of…stuff.  Even took time off of work to take care of the kiddos.  And I have to tell you about my precious Ryan; he wanted everything to be as easy as possible on us, so he was determined to go hang his head over the toilet instead of using the “puke pot” whenever the urge struck…anyway, while he’d be heaving, he would give himself pep talks- “You can do it, Ryan, it’s almost over.  Just calm down Ry, you’ll be ok”.  Broke my heart and made me laugh at the same time; he’s such a trooper.

Random picture of Jack’s sweet feet:

Our youngest told me the other day that even though it’s a stinky job, he’d become the best diaper changer in the whole world.  And oh, I had the sweetest conversation with Ryan the other night; he was talking about when he was a parent he’d come home from work early to be with his kids like daddy does sometimes; “not Jack and the baby in your belly, no. My OWN kids.  I can’t wait to have my own kids!  But let’s not rush it”.

Haha. No, let’s not rush it at all.

What else?  We’ve had a significant snow storm at least once a week for the past little while, and insanely low temps.  Which makes me sad, because before those insanely low temps set it, we spent $700 on oil in a little over a month.  Crimeny! Needless to say, we are just bundling up a bit more these days, hoping to make our oil fund stretch through the next couple of months.  It’s not so bad and I’m just thankful to be as warm as we are.  Here is the path between our house and Papa and Nonnie’s…sounds like it might turn into more of a tunnel once we get more snow tonight.

I’m longing for the days when we just throw on flip flops and are out the door!

I’ve been working on my living room and the final details are coming together; it’s takes me forever to decorate, I’ve found, because I a) really dislike spending money and b) have serious design commitment; as soon as I settle on something I’m ready to change my mind and go for the next thing.  It’s mentally exhausting.  But I found some vases the other day at Target, and after hemming and hawing about it for a couple of weeks I put a gift card towards them and bought them home.  They match our rug really well, and make quite a statement in front of our as-yet-unused fireplace.  I think we’ve found a winner! (For now…)

I bought the teal, the mustardy color and the green. Great pop of color in our room!

Oh!  I had my latest appointment yesterday; baby is 12 1/2 weeks and heartbeat was steady at 153.  I had my thyroid levels retested and will hear from them today or tomorrow if things are off again.   I actually lost a couple of pounds, probably due to the fact that I don’t have to stuff my face full of food to avoid being sick, and my energy levels are much higher (aka, I don’t have to lie around all day anymore).  I’m still up the majority of the night though with multiple trips to the bathroom.  Hopefully that will change at some point in the near future!

Have a good week y’all.  Stay warm. 🙂