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Alright!  Enough already!  I’m ready for summer, darn it!

Alas, I live in Maine.  And honestly, you acclimate to the weather very quickly when you live here (at least I have, and that says alot for a warm weather New Mexican girl).  This winter has been a bit more harsh than last winter; at this pace with all of the snow days piling up Erick will be getting out of school near the end of June!  As much as I long for long warm days, I truly have been accepting of this winter weather and have had a much better season this time around than last year (I was extraordinarily non-motivated last year due to the gray days, and we really didn’t have very many gray days last year.)  But you take a look  through photo archives and seeing green is a very appealing prospect indeed.  This first photo; I don’t think I’ve ever posted it, but it positively cracks me up.  It was in Colorado last year, obviously on the way to the hotel pool;


Below; why Maine Winters make Maine Summers Worth It:

Yep, we’ll persevere.  Summer will be here before we know it.

And THEN, boy, we’ll have a ton of work ahead of us!  It’s already on my agenda to travel as much as possible before babe number 3 comes in August.  I was making a mental list this morning, though; projects abound before us.  Finish the bathroom remodel.  Finish the roof.  Dig up the yard (which is way out of control) and plant grass (I’m not a gardener, although I think I’ll be able to handle window boxes).  One side our our house is totally unruly during the warm months, and our tiny front yard has plants that I want to take out so we can actually walk between the house and the road.  We have rooms to paint and decorate and ceilings to repair.  If it weren’t for a new babe, we could take it a little easier on the decor, at least, but if it isn’t completed before baby comes, it just ain’t gonna happen, friends.

We’ll manage, though!  I was thinking back to December and our “surprise, we’re pregnant!” moment, and it was truly a moment of tiny panic due to circumstances (insurance, vehicles, etc) but God has already begun to answer.  I was able to qualify for MaineCare; as much as we do NOT like to take advantage of the state, in this case, it truly is a blessing.  Hopefully next year we’ll be able to afford insurance, but this will be a great stop-gap.  And we’ve decided that a mini-van is a want, not  a need at this point; we’ll just measure car seats and purchase what we can to squish 3 kiddos in the back.  So God is answering.  And He’ll help us accomplish what we need to!

Oh, update on the boys; after my last post, the bug came back and attacked Jack again; as soon as it was over both boys developed colds…then today, Jack woke up with an upset tummy again.  CRAZINESS.  So yeah, come on summer!  🙂