Last Summer, Erick and I sold every last baby “thing” we owned in the church yard sale…we were definitely of the “we are content with our family size!” mindset at that point.  Funny how that happens!  Luckily I found a bag of onesies in the attic the other day, and we DO have a co-sleeper that we had lent out to friends who are going to generously give it back, even though they are expecting too, yay!  So we now have a few clothing staples and a place for baby to sleep for awhile.  It’s a good start!

Also, I am very pleased to report; I have a good friend who has showered me with maternity clothes.  Thank you Sarah!!  With Ryan, believe it or not, I do not believe I ever wore a maternity anything while pregnant; just got by with the ol’ rubber band pant trick.  (I also never grew very big; a 3 1/2 pound baby doesn’t take up much space!)  With Jack, I had one pair of maternity jeans; I was able to roll the cuffs up during the summer for a cute hot weather look.  I never had maternity tops with him; got by with shirts from my dad and my brother!  NOW, my friends, I am happy to say that I could wear a different pair of maternity jeans every day of the week!  CRAZY!  Hand me downs are amazing!  I’m in that awkward rubber-band doesn’t quite do it but maternity jeans are a bit big point, so I’ll be happy to round out a bit so I can comfortably move into my new duds.

Anyway, I’ve started browsing baby things online for fun.  One thing I never had with Jack or Ryan was a good baby carrier, so I’m determined to save up for one this time.  I have my eye on two; one that looks great for a newborn and one that I’m sure Erick would wear with an older baby.  The first is the baby K’tan; I like that you can wear it in a variety of positions.

I’ve found it for around 35 dollars which is excellent; I’ve heard great things about the Moby wrap as well but the K’tan seems to be a little less cumbersome.  Hmmm.

For when baby grows up a little bit, I would ADORE one of the Boba carriers; I’ve seen it in person (it also has excellent reviews) and am sure that Erick would be more inclined to wear something like this.  It’s pricey ($100, and usually I would never spend money like that, but maybe we could set a little aside from income tax money). It’s a front or back carrier; I love the print on the second one. 🙂


We’ll need a stroller eventually as well…but honestly?  I think I’ll wait on that purchase.  Baby is due in August, so for a good long while we can get around wearing the baby when we go anywhere.  Maybe the following spring we can start to investigate strollers; I’m thinking a sturdy jogger would be nice so we can get out and take walks around town. Or goodness, if that Boba wrap worked out, that would be cheaper than buying a stroller as well!

I really like the fact that we are starting over, and I’ll be sure to “downsize” this time.  I don’t want to trip over baby paraphernalia everywhere I go.  Less is more, big time…so I think just setting up a fund to “buy as we need” instead of purchasing a ton of things in advance would be a great idea.

Report on the boys; (not that you particularly care, but it will be interesting looking back at this winter-for-the-books); Jack is over his latest stomach bug round (4th time), but Ryan’s cold has officially wandered down to his chest. Ahhh!  No sleep last night and by the sound of it, probably none tonight either.

Also, we came through the winter storm just fine yesterday!  A ton of snow, but no ice, no real wind, no power outtages; I think we fared much better than a good portion of the country.  People should start moving to Maine for safe winters! 🙂

Anybody out there have any baby must-haves?  I’d love to know!