Saturday morning I had the chance to escape the house with mom and dad for a bit of fresh air; it was wonderful!  We headed South and ended up taking pictures at Portland Head Light.  It was SO beautiful; not extremely cold weather, which was nice; quite a few people were out and about, getting their sunshine in before the next snow storm arrived.  The sky was blue to the North, a little Cloudy to the South, and the color of the water reflected the sky beautifully!  Point my camera in one direction, electric blue,  turn in the other, silvery gray.  Such a great day! I haven’t done a bit of touch up on the pictures; it was just that pretty.

We picked up a few more inches of snow last night; nothing too bad.  Erick is  getting a workout though; our snowblower is non functioning so he’s been a shoveling fool lately.  With these once a week significant storms, there isn’t much room left to pile the snow!  Temps are up though, upper 30’s today with decent icicle drippage. Lovin’ that sun.