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I’ve had a very happy day today!  Compared to yesterday anyway; oh you should of seen the likes of me yesterday.  Sitting like a bump on a log, with things to do but no motivation to do them; it’s the mid-February insanity that tends to strike those in the Northern Hemisphere.  But my precious momma in law took my boys for today…AND has offered to take them tomorrow as well….which means that mom and I are taking advantage and getting outta Dodge!  We dropped dad off this morning at work and just did a bit of browsing around Waterville, but with the temps rising (maybe in the 30’s, but hey, we’ll take it) and the sun peeking through, it’s like I’m a new person.  I’m motivated and encouraged and inspired.  Yay.  Tomorrow we’ll do a bit of fabric shopping, be still my heart.  It’ll be great!

I need a second vehicle.  So I can do this *whenever*.  Someday!  It’ll happen someday.

I came home to the mail, which was wonderful as well; for my birthday my momma ordered me some Maternity tops from Old Navy.  They had a major sale going on and I purchased a few summer pieces that were only 8 to 10 dollars.  I will be able to wear maternity clothes this time around!  Wahoo!  Which is a good thing, because my go-to shirt that I wore during Jack’s pregnancy…to TERM, I might add, is already stretching over my bump to a decent degree.  So I’m saved!

Also, as a little birthday gift to myself, I ordered this…and it arrived today.  Simply luscious!

You can click on the image to order; there are so many yummy looking things on their site.  I’m a fan for life. 🙂

So yes, it was a great mail day.

I also came upon this information at the good ol’ Home Depot today; we’ve found the answer for our kitchen cabinets.  Our cabinets are in very fine condition, and they are a nice wood; no fake stuff, so we’re going to refinish them to save money and just purchase new hardware.   I believe the kit was around 80 dollars and covered 100 square feet; I think we’d be hard pressed to have more than 100 square feet of cabinets (small kitchen).  We’ll start there…then go here…I’m so excited to share this next picture with you.  Have you ever been to The Lettered Cottage?  Layla and Kevin are amazing, and she just completed some online drawings for a woman who needs inspiration for her kitchen.  This is the result, and this is what we are going to go for.  Minus the blue fridge (probably pricey) but we can add the color in the accessories.  Erick loves this look as well; might even make me want to cook!

Ikea has butcher block countertops for an incredible price; honestly, when all is said and done, we can probably finish our cabinets, paint our walls, and get new countertops for less than 300 dollars (like I said, tiny kitchen!)  I love the subway tile, ceiling and lighting, but we can make our way through all of that gradually.  Ahhh.  Don’t you love the red Kitchen Aid?  A few red and blue pops and I’d be a happy woman.

Speaking of red and blue, I’ve found my spring boots. I have these right now, which are LIFESAVERS; probably the best investment I’ve made in a long time.  They are Timberlands, and were my “Christmas”.  The snow has been so deep this year that I don’t know what I would have done without them, and I’m sure I’ll have them for years to come.  Well worth the investment!  They fit like a glove.  I have to put a decent amount of money into shoes because I need something with a nice arch that are very supportive or my feet balk.  So I purchase one good pair of shoes every 3-4 years that are sure to go with everything I wear.  Makes getting dressed easy…“what shoes should I wear today?  oh yes!  my only pair!”

Now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit (or is supposed to; this week is probably a fluke) I’m in the spring frame of mind, and there is nothing more than I’d like than to have these boots, in these colors.  Yup, 3 pair.  (Dreaming, of course.  I won’t manage to get a single pair at all this year, but it’s fun to think about!)

I think the only way I could ever manage to buy the same shoes in different colors (major splurge) is if I had the equivalent amount of money to give away, to ease my conscious a bit!


Anyway, the boys are doing well, I am happy to report!  We made it to church last Sunday for the first time in a month (and again, facebook friends, thank you for the birthday wishes!!).  After church we had tacos and sopas, then cake and ice cream (which I was WAY too full to eat), then Erick bought us a bag of Jelly Bellys, which Ryan stealthily snuck, very steadily I might add, then that evening we had hot dogs, mac n cheese, and doritos.  Monday morning?  Ryan woke up puking his guts out.  And didn’t stop for 7 hours.  It was the food; too much sugar and grease in a very little body.  He recovered quite well, though, and slept fine that night, although Jack woke us up at 3 am complaining of “all this SNOT!” which ended up not being snot at all, but a bloody nose.  LOL.  I fell into bed after that episode, then had heartburn strike with a vengeance, but couldn’t do anything except giggle.  Life is so funny.  You just have to make the best of yuck!


Alrighty, time to get off this computer and get a project started; I’m feeling my motivation.  Hope you have had a happy day too!