I think I felt the baby today.  I think.  There was finally some movement that wasn’t immediately followed up by a digestive gurgle.


And that’s it, folks!  That’s all of the late breaking news I have; the days have been melting one into another without much of a difference other than an occasional day out with my momma.  This week was February break, but it was TOO COLD to do anything, go anywhere.  So as nice as it was to have daddy home, we’ve pretty much been lazy bums.  We just received our tax refund yesterday; good thing, because if it had come last week I would have *not* consulted Erick and purchased us all tickets to the Southern States.  Or Hawaii.  Instead, we are settling for being responsible; padding the savings account and adding to our Oil Fund so we can stay warm.  B.O.R.I.N.G.

We did have an ob appt. on Tuesday and the boys came along; unfortunately Jack decided to get sick halfway there; he was our brave little soldier and kept the puke in until everything was said and done, then let loose outside after the appointment.  (Hurrah!) The boys were able to hear the heartbeat and were fascinated; said it sounded like a thunderstorm. 🙂  I met one of the docs who was pretty decent; said they’ll check my thyroid levels next appt. (I’m on meds now, because I’m way off in my numbers).   I had only gained 2 pounds (for a total of 4 or 5) when I was weighed…then I caught Jack’s bug on Wednesday and lost some weight, so total gain is about 3 pounds at (a day before) 17 weeks.  17 week mark is tomorrow. We are all fit as fiddles now though; even though this has been the Winter of Sickness, I’m thankful that none of it has been horrible/hospital worthy sickness.  Just colds and bugs.

And this poor child; like most consecutive children; I finally took a picture of the belly at 4 months.  It’s very non-professional, mind you.  But here ya go.   Messy disorganized living room and all.

I actually think I started out that big.  Seriously.  I found out I was pregnant then WHAM!  Belly popped out.  I haven’t grown an enormous amount; I think this babe is just sitting a little differently.  Other than that, though, and the fact that I’ve had daily headaches for about 6 weeks (arg!) things are pretty much the same as they were with Jack and Ryan.  My taste for coffee has come back…my appetite has waned a bit though.  I’m supposed to pack in the protein but I’m finding it hard to snack these days, thanks to heartburn.   Oh the joys. 🙂  Still have no feeling one way or the other whether it’s a boy or girl child, and I couldn’t care less either way.   I receive those comments “a 3rd? you must be trying for a girl!” which is so very far from the truth.  I’m a firm believer that God will give us who we need!

New snow storm last night; I suppose that’s news.  Not welcome news, in my book.  But in looking at the bright side; all of this snow will surely nourish the earth, seep down deep and give us a Very Green Spring.  That’s my silver lining. 😉

On Thursday, while I was recovering from a yucky Wednesday (feeling much better, just a little weak), Erick was going to run a few errands in town.  Jack was being a toot, and I was tired, so I mouthed to Erick that he should take a boy along with him.  He asked who would like to come; Ryan immediately said yes, then Jack piped up a few minutes later and said he would like to go as well.  Then he changed his mind to stay, so Ry had it in his mind that it would be a Ry/Daddy day.  Then Jack changed his mind AGAIN and said “I’d like to go!” Which threw Ryan into the depths of despair, but in the midst of this I decided I’d like to go as well and just sit in the car; I really needed to get out of the house!  But Jack once again decided he’d stay…has this ever happened in your house?  After a very emotional HOUR we finally left!  All we could do was laugh once we were buckled in.  One simple little suggestion from momma “Honey why don’t you take a boy?” and it was all downhill from there.  We compromised with Jack; he stayed in the car with me while Erick and Ryan went in together to pay bills/ buy groceries.

Oy, someday I’ll schedule a haircut for my shaggy kids.

Oh boy, I know I’m dragging this uneventful post out, but to end, I’ll share something the boys said; Erick shared it on facebook, but I’ve gotta get it into the archives here as well.  Mom was going over her Sunday School material about Peter getting out of the boat and walking on water when Jesus summoned him.  Jack got excited and said “Ryan and I love Jesus so WE can walk on water!!” and Ryan replied with “Jack, I believe you better start in the bathtub”.

LOL.  Kids are such entertainment.  I can’t wait to add to it. 🙂