Ok folks, I’m genuinely stuck.  Don’t have a CLUE what to do about my porch curtains, so I wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding your two cents.  I’ve thought this to death and can’t come up with a conclusion, so I need some fresh opinions!

Marietta loves red.  Always has.  She actually turned me onto it; I now love it too!  And she proudly displayed red porch curtains the entire time she lived here.  Believe me; there were boxes and boxes of old, faded red curtains in the attic that I had to weed through.  Although I do love red, I decided to change them out because 1) They fade.  Significantly.  And 2) Even with the curtains drawn back, it’s honestly hard to see out.  And that’s what I want to do when I’m on the porch!  See outside!

Some months back I purchased some cheap Target sheers and cut them up to replace the red curtains.  My conclusion; the light is SO much better.  Drastically improves the sunshine on the porch…and you can see outside.  Nice.  However, I’m just not crazy about the look, especially from the outside.  The red really added a pop, the sheers are a bit blah.  I could improve upon this I suppose; the curtains I purchased are actually a crinkly design that I don’t care for, and my sewmanship wasn’t wonderful; I didn’t even hem the bottoms.  Let me show you some before and afters.

The next picture is tiny; I have no earthly idea why it’s sized so small!

This isn’t the after. This is the winter/storage/mess.  But it gives you an idea of what the sheers look like from the inside.

Let’s take a look at the top picture again; just imagine it with sheers (my hair is still wet from my shower and I don’t want to go outside to stand in the cold to snap a picture. I’d turn into a jencicle).

On the inside, I’ll probably play off the vintagy colors of these pillows (showing, mainly, the flowery side).

So anyway, here are my thoughts.  I really like the curtains in my entry way; they are another Target purchase; just white instead of sheer.

The white would be more substantial, but still a bit see through. I’ve also considered possibly going sheer again, but from the top of the window to the bottom sill; tie them back in a kind of “southern” look.  Can you envision it?  Got that picture in your head?

Anyway,  to recap, here are my choices again;

A) Redo the red for the “pop” of color

B) More sheers, better craftmanship

C)  Sheers, top to bottom, tied back

D) White Panels like my entryway curtains

E) Something gloriously wonderful that I haven’t considered yet.  Fresh Perspective.

I’m really on a decorating-the-porch kick right now; I need to paint and finish the daybed at the end.  I also ordered a porch swing yesterday that will be centered in front of the windows that flank our living room.  Need to get things on the wall, and do something about that carpet.  I’m in warm weather mode, even if it’s not here yet!

And talk about not being here yet; the boys made a vegetarian snowman yesterday after the storm.  Cracks me up.  Broccoli for the eyes, carrot for the nose, and because the raisins wouldn’t stick, blueberries for the mouth.  It’s kind of spooky looking; that juicy mouth, but it occured to me this morning that it is my kids in a nutshell. They ALWAYS have spooky blueberry mouths, because they eat them by the bowlful.  So it’s appropriate. 😉

Curtain advice welcomed, please and thank you!!