Hi Friends!

Oh, we can SO feel your prayers.  You  can’t imagine what you mean to us; the meals, the money, the friendship, the prayers; it makes us want to be better people!  Seriously!

Here’s the latest, and we’d appreciate you stormin’ the gates of Heaven for this one.  We talked to Erick’s doctor tonight, and here’s the plan; this evening and tomorrow morning they’ll load him up with beta blockers to try and get his heart rate  below 60.  He said he might feel kind of awful…so that’s a prayer in itself.  If they are successful in lowering the rate, he’ll be able to get the CAT scan in the morning; either at 8 am (preferably) or 11 am.  If they cannot get his heart rate down, they’ll have to do the more invasive catheter test and will put that off until Tuesday.  We don’t want that; neither do they; they prefer the non-invasive test because of his infection, but they’ll do what they have to do!

If the CAT scan turns out good results…they are going to let him spring from the hospital!  With the condition that antibiotics will last awhile and that he rests, big time.  No work for the next week, and then re-assess at the end of the week about returning to teaching the following Monday.  His heart is working at 30% capacity at this point; that means he literally gets winded walking across his room.  So he needs to take it EASY.  The infection not only affected the sac around his heart, but made it’s way inside as well.  So he’s pretty pooped out.

They haven’t given us the scenario if the scan doesn’t turn out so well, and I honestly would rather not contemplate it.  I am praying for a MIRACLE.

Ya’ll, the boys need their daddy home.  It’s been hard on them.  Today Jack asked if we could all just have a sleepover at the hospital…when I said we didn’t have beds there, he asked if we could all just pile in with Daddy.  🙂  When I gave him the option of either sleeping over at Nonnie and Papa’s tonight or sleeping in the living room (which they love to do) at our house, he said “I like my idea better!”  I told him that when you stay at the hospital overnight, they do kind of stinky things like wake you up and draw blood, so it’s hard to sleep anyway.  He thought on that and said…”well, you can just tell them that we are here to spend the night, and not to take our blood!”  Haha, I’m so thankful for them and the laughs they give me!

Anyway, the kids are determined that Erick will be home tomorrow.  They will NOT take no for an answer, and I desperately do not want to tell them that he won’t be coming home.  I know God’s hand is in whatever happens…it’s just so hard explaining things like this to the boys.  I think the doc’s will have some seriously determined Murray boys to deal with if we don’t get the answer we are hoping for!

Anyway, I had my big breakdown today.  I’ve cried my tears…the kind of tears that are sad, but that KNOW that God is awesome and He has a perfect plan for us.  But today they came and just wouldn’t stop.  I cried on the way to Bangor, at the gas station, all the way through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts.  I pulled myself together as soon as I got to the hospital, minus the blotchy face, and cuddled up with my hubby in his bed then cried on his shoulder.  Just briefly; it was very sweet though-just a good time with him and a wonderful talk.  We are blown away that we are on the receiving end of all of your kindness!

Here are a few pictures; gotta document this crazy time in our life!


at least he has a great view! the nurses and docs have to wear those masks every time they come in because of the "infection" status.

my favorite place to be at the hospital 🙂

I’ll prayerfully be reporting some good news tomorrow!  Thanks again for EVERYTHING!