Most of you know what is going on right now, but I know some don’t; for journaling’s sake I’m going to get the nutshell version written this morning.  Did you read my Eucharisteo post from Friday?  If not, I’d encourage you to do so right now; it was written and posted mere hours before our drama began, and has been such a lifeline for me!

Erick has struggled with a pretty severe strep throat infection this week, and ironically as his throat was healing, he began having chest pains.  Friday evening I took him to the ER, where they did the full run-down; blood work, EKG, X-rays, and it was initially ruled as severe indigestion from the antibiotics.  We were minutes from being discharged when the doctor came back and said the blood test results had changed a bit, indicating some heart damage.  He in all honesty thought it was a mistake…but to be cautious they started treating him as a heart attack patient (asprin, nitroglycerin, hooked up to a million monitors) and they redid the tests.  Same results, so we were loaded onto an ambulance and taken to EMMC in Bangor.

While we were still in the ER, we were clinging to God’s promises, knowing that there is a reason for everything!  Erick even mentioned that if he could share Christ with his roommate at the hospital, it would all be worth it.  So when we hopped into the ambulance, I thought I’d strike up a conversation with the driver with the same thought in mind…and he turned out to be a Christian.  It was a wonderful trip to Bangor!  We literally talked non-stop about how God has worked in our lives.  So very, very refreshing in an intense situation.

Erick baffled his doctors on the cardiac floor-at 30, he was definitely the youngest patient to come in with heart attack symptoms in awhile! (Not that it hadn’t happened before, it’s just highly unusual). But after quite a few tests, it appears that the damage is a result of the strep infection that reached the sac around his heart.  On Monday he’ll have a CAT scan so they can get a further picture of the damage situation.  In a rather nice turn of events, he was given a private room; because of the “infection” status, they had to take SCADS of blood to test for every infectious disease under the sun (even though it is from the strep, this is just standard protocol).  Thus, he has a private room and his nurses have to mask up to come take care of him.  But prayerfully he was able to get a good night’s sleep last night since we was on his own.

He had another minor chest pain episode before I left for the night (no room at the inn for me to sleep) but it was quickly remedied by some nitroglycerin, and his vitals all looked pretty good.

So many of you precious friends have asked what you can do!  Your comments and emails have meant the world to us; I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten back to you individually!  Prayer is first and foremost, and is the most powerful comfort to us.  Prayer for the healing of his heart, for strength for what this journey may entail, and for the financial aspect of this hoopla; Erick doesn’t have insurance (we make a little too much for state care, but not near enough to afford insurance).  We’ll be applying for hospital grants, so hopefully that will be a help.

When Erick is released from the hospital, he’ll be on “light duty” for at least 2 weeks.  Honestly, meals would be a great comfort.  Being pregnant has left me a little tired, especially added to all of this drama! Taking care of my kiddos and husband is top priority for the next little while, and having help in that area would be very welcomed.

I’m holding up pretty well.  If there is anything my “life” events have taught me, it’s that being anxious doesn’t help a thing.  God tells us repeatedly to turn everything over to Him, so that’s what I’ve been doing every minute of the day!  It’s obviously not that I’m not concerned, it’s that He is my hope, refuge and strength.  Always.  My prayer is that God would be given the glory in this situation; in every situation that we encounter; in every circumstance of every day.  The tears that I’ve shed have mainly been tears of gratitude that my husband is still with me.

Thank you dears; I’ll update again very soon!  You are all so very special to us!