Erick’s heart scan went very well yesterday; thank you for your prayers! No blockages detected. The cardiologist actually gave him the green light to go home, but we’re still waiting for a culture from infectious diseases to come back, so they wanted to keep him one more night.  I was a little bit bummed but more thankful, actually; he was pretty worn out.  And the boys took the news well, thank goodness!

When I came home I was attacked by monster hugs and then they literally ran circles around me until 9 pm…it was exhausting.  All that activity probably would of put Erick right back in his hospital bed. 🙂  They were being great, just lively!  I think they have a lot of pent up emotion they don’t know what to do with!

Erick will have to take about 2 weeks off of work, and we have to give him IV antibiotics every day, which means momma gets to syringe her hubby.  In 3 months, we’ll go back for another sonogram to see how the damage has healed.  Prayer for complete healing!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

In the meantime, his heart function is still pretty poor, so he’ll be taking it easy for a long while.  No running marathons or anything, but the doc said that light cardio (walking, pretty much) would be good for him.

What a deal this all has been!  I can’t fathom…it is SO beyond me…how people get through something like this without Jesus by their side.  He has kept us going from day one…y’all…it’s SO much easier to trust in His promises and not to stress out!  Not to be anxious!  Tears are good and right and cleansing, but Joy can be a daily part of your life, no matter what.  There is a reason.  For everything.

Alright, one more little request for you; we all need some really good sleep.  The boys sleep very well, but Ryan is on a nightly string of acting out in his dreams; he does that occasionally.  He gets it from his Uncle Danny.  🙂  And it can be rather distressing to have to calm down a little boy who doesn’t have a clue!  So if you could pray that Ryan could get some sweet, uninterrupted sleep for awhile, that would be awesome.  It would really help us out!

It’s gonna be a good day today!