Erick is home, hurray, hurrah!  He came home Tuesday evening…what is today? Ok, it’s Thursday. My days runneth together.

He’s part “tube” right now;


picc line

Every morning we have a standing appointment at SVH for another lovely round of meds.  It’s so very exciting.

These will continue through mid-week next week, then he’ll have a blood test to determine if he is completely toxified by the antibiotics.  Yeesh.  This ordeal is a bit hard on him; he starts to get pretty droopy during the process.

He’s also on 3 different heart meds; when I picked up his prescriptions yesterday I almost fainted when they gave me the total.  For those of you that have donated money, I could literally kiss your toes. I’m not kidding.

He’s on two different beta blockers and Lipitor; the beta blockers work to lower his blood pressure, and the lipitor to lower his cholesterol.  All quite amusing, because he has neither high blood pressure nor high cholesterol.  He’s pretty much the picture of health and vitality.  But I suppose the reasoning behind the meds is so his heart can work on nothing other than getting rid of the infection.  So anyway, because he *doesn’t* have high blood pressure, the meds KNOCK HIM OUT because they lower his already normal bp.  Sigh.  He seems to have a bit more energy today…ah ha!  I just realized he hasn’t taken his meds yet…that’s why.

The bed has become his friend.  The bed and netflix.  And sleep.  Which is exactly what he needs right now.  🙂

So, just to clear things up, there are those who still think he had a heart attack.  That WAS the initial diagnoses.  But a Strep infection entered the sac around his heart, which then opened his heart up to be infected by a mystery virus.  It wasn’t strep (which is bacterial), it was a virus…and they could never determine the cause.  No clue.  Infectious diseases tested for every thing under the sun, and could never pinpoint what it was.  Erick likes to be sneaky like that, I guess.

Anyway, hopefully all of the damage is reverse-able, although it could take a good 3-6 months to get him fully back up to par.  But that’s what we are praying for; fully restored heart health!  Forget these prescriptions!  Yuck-ola!

I’m holding up fairly well; I’m just flat out exhausted 99.9% of the time.  I think that although I can emotionally handle things rather well, my body just decides to react in very sleepy ways.  That, and this precious baby is sitting so very, very low, that I tend to get an uncomfortable pressure sensation, which means I can’t be on my feet for a long amount of time (long, being 10 minutes or so).   If the old wives tales hold true, for boy being low and girl being high, this child is chock full of testosterone.   But we’ll find out for sure next week.  Eeee!  Can’t wait for that!

Again, for those who have loved up on us through money, meals, and prayer, thanks doesn’t even begin to touch it.  Doesn’t even begin.

I think I’m going to load up the boys; before Erick pops his pills, and we’ll just go for a little drive.  It’s beautiful outside today!  So springlike, after the most gorgeous fluffy snowflake fall yesterday.  Warm weather, we love you.