I’m getting there…back to normal; yesterday and today my energy levels have come back, thank goodness.  My sweet tea today helped, I’m sure :), baby seemed to like it too!

It’s hard, though, seeing Erick so konked out all the time; he takes his meds and he is out for the next 5 hours.  His doc and the pharmacist recommended taking them during the day; upside is that he gets the rest he needs, downside is that I have my husband home…but I can’t take full advantage of his company.  I know this will pass though.  Rest is needed. Just gotta push through.

With my energy coming back a bit, what I want *more than anything* is to strap him in the car and head out for a day of Ikea.  I want to wander floors of inspiration just for the heck of it.  Enjoy the sunshine outside.  I’ve been craving Chic-fil-a like a crazy woman, and I just found out there is one in Peabody, so we’d make a stop there on the way home.  That sounds like such a dream day to me!  I’m ready to bust out of this house and travel.  I’ve either been at home or at one hospital or the other for a seemingly endless number of days, and I’m in dire need of a change, even if for a brief period of time.

I’m also ready to do an intense spring cleaning, declutter, rearrange…but I’d rather just think about that than do it, honestly.

I can’t find my rings!  My wedding ring and my grandmother’s…and it’s about to drive me nuts.  I misplaced them a few days ago; the same day that I couldn’t remember whether I had taken my thyroid meds or not (have we turned into a pharmacy or what?  especially coming from anti-pharmacy people!!)  Anyway, luckily Erick suggested counting my pills, and that solved the mystery; I hadn’t.  I also conditioned my hair 3 times in the shower (I think), because I could never remember if I had gone through that step or not.  And because I have to chauffer Erick around, he handed me the keys, but 30 seconds later I’m like “do you have the keys, honey?”  I’m losing my mind.

I need fresh air, road travel and lively music for an entire day to clear my head.

Moving on in randomness, Jack was so sweet last night.  Every night we say what we are thankful for that day before our prayers, but Jack has decided to turn it into an “this is what I’m thankful for, happy about, kind of happy about, sad about, and kind of sad about” routine.  Haha.  Maybe he’s just trying to push his bedtime later.  But he (for the first time) said he was very thankful for the baby in momma’s belly.  And then of course he said other cute things, none of which I can recollect at this very moment, but he was very sad that Daddy wasn’t completely better yet.

He’ll also be “kind of happy” if the baby is a girl, and “all happy” if the baby is a boy.  We find out this coming Tuesday, by the way.  It coincided with Erick’s antibiotic treatment; we decided to push that non-fun event back a couple of hours though!  More important things to do that morning!

Alright, if nothing else, at least I can get some laundry done.  Maybe I can do it with my eyes closed and pretend I’m zooming down 95.  Ahhhhh….

*edited to add…threw a load in the wash, found my rings, and hung hardware and curtains on 6 of my 13 porch windows.  productivity after all!!*