Alright, I admit that I had visions of girl *clothes* dancing in my head…but I’ve always felt that being a boy-momma suited me, and it looks like God agrees! (Not that I’d turn down a girl in the future, but I’m lovin’ me some boys right now!)

We have a healthy little 20 week old in there, which is so reassuring.  I’m so very, very excited!


is going to be squeezed in between these two in the backseat someday.

3 boys to feed!  I admit, that keeps crossing my mind! 😉  And it probably won’t be milkshakes from McD’s…more than likely they’ll have to cultivate their own garden and milk their own goat with the amount they’ll collectively consume.

I love this picture…his little elbow on his knee.  Funny, the tech said “wow, he’s really low!  Nestled right down there!”  No kidding, lady, I feel it every darn day.  Walk for 10 minutes, sit for 5 minutes.  That’s kind of my routine right now.

This one is his little nose and mouth…

She actually took scads of pictures, but it’s hard to take pictures of the pictures to post up here!  These are a little washed out, but it’s the best I could do.  One moment that she didn’t get; it was so cute; he was flexing his little arm and I swear you could already see significant muscles.

So now, for the boy names.  We’re pretty stuck; we have a list a mile long of  girl names, but no boy names yet.  Good thing we have some time to think!

Jack said tonight he was SO happy to have a baby brother.  He said “when he comes we’ll have 5 people in the house, and then someday we’ll have 6!”

You never do know!  But we’ll revisit that issue when I’m caught up, to a degree, on my sleep.  If that ever happens, that is. 🙂