Absolutely, positively the most unusual and funniest thing we’ve heard in our many hours spent at the hospital!  This morning while we were getting Erick’s drip done, someone from the hospital was out in the hall, and we could hear him talking on the phone to another hospital worker..saying “Can you believe it?  They found a leg in the laundry!  No, I’m not kidding!”

I just lost it; funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile!  Helped to lighten the atmosphere when we learned that Erick has, in fact, 2 more days left of his antibiotic drip; for some reason we thought today was the end.  But it wasn’t, and the whole leg thing certainly lightened the mood!  So what gives, nurse friends?  You hear anything else about that?  I’m assuming (hoping, praying) it was a prosthetic…

{I have to pause for a moment to give a shout out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my dear amazing fantastic wonderful Uncle Glenn!  We LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Alright y’all, boy rooms.  These 3 children will absolutely be sharing a room together, no doubt about it. (Once I can stand to part with our baby from our bedroom, that is; it’s always taken me a good 6-10 months to do so and I sob the first night we are apart!) For a good while Ry and Jack lived in the “pink room”…yeah…pink wallpaper, lacy curtains, so it was priority to get that place painted.  And when I asked the boys what color they wanted on the walls, they chose yellow.  ?????  Not my first choice, but they both said it reminded them of sunshine, and who can argue with that?  But how to make a boy room out of a yellow background?  I chose the least jarring shade I could find, and that’s all we’ve done; I haven’t given much attention to their room since then.  However, I ran across this design board the other day and found my answer.  I loved all of the accessories (we’ll work with what we’ve got, obviously; can’t go out and buy up the whole shebang) and when I noticed she used the same shade of yellow on the walls that we have, I knew we had a winner!  Now I just need to buy some gray paint and tackle their bunkbeds…

You can click on the picture and it will take you right to the source; I love Ashley’s inspiration!

Anyway, now I can plan; I’m so happy to know who we are having.  Still feel so blessed that I’m going to have 3 boys.  *Happy Sigh*

So Erick; he’s doing fairly well; still gets tired quickly, and often.  But we were given the “ok” to let him have his beta blockers at night (the ones that REALLY knock him out) so that’s great; he truly hopes to start back to work next Monday (eek, we’ll see how that goes) so it’s good to know that he won’t have to pop pills during the day and then snore through his classes.  (He doesn’t really snore, I’m so blessed).  Please pray that his strength would return and that being at school would energize him, and that his students will be perfect angels so that his blood pressure won’t rise.  🙂  I told him he has a great excuse; if anyone acts up and he clutches his chest, the blame lies with them!  So they better be on their best behavior!

Have a great day y’all!

(And seriously lovely nurse friends, I’m so intrigued about this leg in the laundry thing I could just die of curiosity!!)  🙂