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If you ask me now, despite the uncomfortableness pregnancy can bring, I’m set to have number 4. 🙂  As comfortable as we had grown with 2, I’m so excited about number 3 that right now, in this moment, number 4 doesn’t seem very unrealistic!  Babies can be addicting!

I just made our first baby boy clothing purchase; normally we hit up the thrift stores and rely on hand-me-downs, but this was a fun little splurge.

{Etsy purchase of course, from the HappyFamily}

And I think I’ve found crib bumper/quilt material to go with our room theme of blue/gray/yellow…love me some Micheal Miller; these pics are from the fatquartershop, and there are many more that go with this collection; these are just a handful.

I obviously also have a bicycle print addiction these days!  Check out these buttons; might just have to find a use for them as well!

{from laurabucci}


It was SO nice to be back at church this morning!  I think it wore Erick out a little bit but he’s relaxing this afternoon; please pray for his return to work tomorrow, and that he would know and understand his limits. 😉  (He had his picc line taken out yesterday; they’ll test it for infection and he has to start antibiotics again if it’s not all clear, so we’re hoping it’s wiped out!)  He can’t WAIT to get back in the groove of things; I don’t blame him.  I’m ready to start really tackling our house again; I had peeled off the first layer of wallpaper in our dining room before all the drama started, so it’s time to start on the second layer!  Let the projects resume!