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April 1st, I called my dad and told him I would be walking over to snag a party picture from his computer.  He readied himself on the porch and took a few snapshots of my walk over…isn’t it crazy?  We had a mondo storm that day; the day before, the ground was bare.  But it was kind of fun trudging back and forth in the storm; it honestly wasn’t very cold.  The snow, however, came to the tops of my boots so it was funny trying to walk and stay upright.  Here’s hoping that’s the last storm that dumps buckets on us this spring!

March 30th was Erick’s 31st birthday; he and I celebrated with some Chinese takeout that night, then had a party on the 31st so his momma could come join us.  Let me tell you; this was a special birthday after what we’ve been through this month!  But the blessings we experienced in March far outweighed the scares.  Even the scares were blessings.  They always turn out to be.

We all had a hand in blowing out the candles; the boys thought it would be fun to flap their hands so I lent my breath to get the flames out for good.  🙂

So yep, since my last post we’ve partied, and we’ve gotten a porch swing!  Dad spent some time installing it; the 4 of us fit very comfortably on it; I envision many summer nights with a sweet tea in hand swinging back and forth!  In the meantime, the boys got creative one afternoon and Erick and I wandered out to the porch when we heard massive giggles.  They were “driving”.  And having a blast.

Since things are returning back to normal, I’m ready to resume nesting.  I have so much to prepare before this baby comes; the dining room, their bedroom, the bathroom, our bedroom, if possible, and I would love to finish off the porch.  By the way, we decided on top to bottom sheers for the porch curtains, and we LOVE them.  They were the least expensive option at 5 bucks a pop (I needed 13; even that was stretching the budget, but it was the best way to go).  We have them hanging straight down at this point, but I’m going to tie them back, southern style.  I also used some scrap fabric, tacky glue, and yarn that we had lying around to make a little banner; it makes me very happy.  🙂  It’s hanging over the built-in bed, (which is yet to be finished), but it’s on my list!  I want to string lights up there, too.  I’m really satisfied with how it turned out;

Add a few twinkle lights and that will be a fun place to nap/dream/read!

A couple more pictures; we’ve been leaving the boy’s light on for awhile after we put them to bed so they can read; Erick popped in on them a couple of nights ago and snapped some memories.

Jack had konked out with his book on his chest, so Erick moved it and found his sweet little hands folded up. And a dirty face; typical.

And our night owl was no where ready for sleep, also typical!

Last night our 3rd little one started kicking up a storm around 10 pm…another late night baby, I’m afraid.  OH!  I almost forgot; no, we haven’t settled on a name yet, but I did dream that I delivered him (myself!) and when I held him up, he looked right at me with his sweet little face and said “Since you haven’t decided what to name me, why don’t you just call me Harry?”  I’m pretty sure I woke up laughing.  😉  Nothing against Harry, but we’re still on the hunt!