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We don’t have a smart phone, but Erick has an itouch, so I had him download the instagr.am app a couple of days ago and I’ve had fun ever since!  I thought I’d share with you some of my latest loves, insta-style.

Sweets.  This baby likes sugar and I’m happy to oblige (but I do try to reign it in!)  First trimester all I wanted was fruit, but sugar of the other variety has beckoned lately.  I have a new Trader Joe’s favorite;  it’s practically health food, right?  That’s what I’m calling it!

I’ve wanted to make these sea salt caramels for a long time, but found the easy way out which actually works wonders (and is delicious).  I unroll a Werther’s soft caramel and sprinkle some sea salt on; it’s dangerous.

I’m a little obsessed with blue sky and disappearing snow lately.  Blue sky is welcome to stay, snow must go.  And not come back for a good long while.

I have a thing for these crazy kids as well; this was a bowling night with friends back in…wow!  January! Time flies!

And here is the 3rd little man, see that baby bump at the top?  I’m dressed to kill this morning in my favorite LL Bean robe, which mom snagged at the outlet for $12.  It has saved on our heating bills the last few months.  I just laughed at myself when I looked down this morning; robe, pj’s, fuzzy red socks and crocs.  I am SO stylin’.

My typography love will never end; although we’ll have to get rid of the Murray M in the built-in to make room for little mister’s initial…if it’s ever decided upon.  Still open to suggestions!  What goes well with Ryan and Jack?

It’s Friday, by the way!  Yay for Fridays!

I think I’m going to link up with Jeanette today; she loves her some instagr.am as well.  Have a good weekend y’all!