Let me tell you a funny story.

Before Erick was released from the hospital last month, the in-house physician prescribed 3 different medications; Lipitor and two different beta blockers.  He explained to him that even though he didn’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, that these meds would take over for his normal heart functions so his ticker could rest…and not to worry; he probably would only be on the meds temporarily.

At our follow-up with our family doctor’s office, the doc there said while he didn’t want to have anything to do with prescribing his meds; he wanted to leave that up to the cardiologist, however in his professional opinion, he could wean off the beta blockers, but he would be on Lipitor for life.

So this week I called the number on the bottle to get his meds renewed, only to be told by the hospital that our family doc needed to renew the meds (he, who doesn’t want any part of the renewing).  So I call the cardiologist to explain the situation.  I left a message and receive a call back the next day…

“He’s on LIPITOR???  He doesn’t need to be on Lipitor!”  His secretary was very firm in the fact that the cardiologist would absolutely NOT renew that med…but that he would be on Beta Blockers for the rest of his life.  (I for one, was a little astounded that the cardiologist was not aware of which meds he was on…hmmm).

Y’all, docs are only human, and they each have their own opinion, and they are unfortunately caught up in a crazy system that does not leave them but 10 minutes to maybe glance at paperwork, give you a run down and throw you out the door.  There are bills to pay, after all, and the more patients you can see in the day?  The more bills you can pay.

But do you see the difference in the medication opinions?  Who do you trust?

Oh!  And interestingly enough; seeing as though the cardiologist was adamant about Erick getting off Lipitor; we started to do some research and  WOAH NELLY.  That medication ain’t playin’, y’all.  Turns out Erick has the majority of side-effects; things we were chalking up to his ticker still being tired.  But he has been worse off the last week and had started in with really strange things; muscle aches, weakness, extreme exhaustion, mental fogginess…even stuttering.  What?  Yep, all side effects of Lipitor, which he has only been on for 3 weeks.  So that medication is definitely gone.

Anyway, in the meantime we have tracked down a new doc; a Naturopath, to be exact, and he is lovely.  I took the boys to see him and my mom tagged along; not only did he spend 2 hours with us, discussing the boys, Erick, AND my mom, but he charged us very little.  He called and talked to Erick for a solid hour one evening.  And he’s called “just to check in” and see how we are doing.  His long-term plan for Erick is to get off all meds, which is our plan too.  We still need to find an M.D. (or a D.O., hopefully) to have a well-rounded approach to our care, but we are diggin’ our new doc.  Seeing as though he doesn’t have to comply with the “system”, he actually takes his time with us!  And does research for us!  It’s astonishing!

Anyway, prayers that we could get off this merry-go-round and our new and future docs would do right by my hubby.  That would be wonderful.

Moving on; a different type of medical drama at our house; this kid…

finally lost his first tooth, which is great, because his new tooth had ALREADY grown in…just behind it.  Yeah.  So we are going to have a snaggle-tooth grin for awhile; I like it.  🙂

And this kid…kinda likes having his dad around.  Erick stayed home from work yesterday because he was absolutely exhausted and I MADE him stay home.   So Jack decided to stick to him like glue.

And our youngest son, at about 9:30 am yesterday said “MOMMA I want ice cream“.  And so I took him along for the ride and indulged.  And then fell into a sugar coma.

So no more sugar for either one of us, until this weekend; my mom had a birthday this week but was feeling kinda puny, so we are going to do something this weekend.  I’m thinking Lemonade Cupcakes.  Yum-ola.  Drawing birthday celebrations out is always the best way, am I right?  Love you mom-ola!